Saturday, May 24, 2014

BYU Graduation

I still haven't figured out when my life suddenly got way out of control. I remember I used to post a blog almost daily and now I'm lucky to get one in a month. I figured April would be a more relaxed month because my darling wife left me for the entire month. Alas, it didn't happen. What I originally had planned was to drive to Utah to go to my nephew Tyler Hansens wedding on the weekend of the 19th, the next weekend was BYU graduation and both Trevor and Sam were graduating so I had to drive up again for that one and then the following weekend was Sarahs graduation from  UVU so I couldn't miss that. It almost made sense to just stay up there for the entire month of April but there was no way I could be gone from work for that long.

Unfortunately Tylers wedding just didn't work out. I gave Alex, Alycia and Sarah all instructions to go to the wedding for me but in the end Sarah and Sam were the only ones who made it. I feel really bad because I haven't made it to hardly any of my nieces and nephews weddings. The next weekend I flew up because if I'm going by myself it is cheaper to fly than to drive. Alycia picked me up at the airport Wednesday evening and we got to spend the rest of that day together, all of the next day together and then Sarah joined us Friday for Trevors graduation and then I spent Saturday morming with Sarah and then joined up with Trevors family.

It was a very fun weekend.

The first weekend in April I had company. Mahonry Sanchez was in town.
My sweetheart left me a nice treat for Easter. I love peeps and she knows it.
I couldn't let Easter go by without some kind of celebration so I boiled some Easter eggs and tried to make them look like Lisa and I. I then ate my wife. She tasted good with a little salt and pepper.
On our day together Alycia and I stopped for lunch in the Wilkinson Center. In the food court there is one place where you can get fresh bread and BYU chocolate milk. It is very good and Lisa and I stop there pretty much every trip to Provo.
Trevors graduation was in the De Jong conert hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center. This used to be Kira's home. I've seen her play in this concert hall many times.

I'm quite upset because I know I took a bunch of pictures of Trevor but I don't know where they are. I've looked on both my camera and on my phone but they are not to be found. I guess you will just have to forgive me for this blurry picture but it is all that I've got. Trevor graduated in the top 5% of his class and has now started a new job at a very prestigious law firm in Salt Lake City. I can never remember what it is called. If yhou want to see some nice pictures of Alycia and Trevor check them out on Alycia's posting here. 

Sarah and I spent Saturday morning together. We were going to go hiking but it was a very cold, wet miserable day so we went bowling instead.

Sam also graduated this weekend but he was in Florida for a job interview so I guess we will have to excuse him. We are all really hoping he gets it.

Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto.