Sunday, February 22, 2015

Disney Cruise - Another Day at Sea

Friday was another day at sea. Before the cruise started I imagined I would rather spend more time at sea and less time on land because it is more relaxing to be on the boat. Well we have had so much fun on the excursions that I love our days on shore but I have to admit, after three very action packed days, a day at sea as welcome.  
We didn't really do much except play with the kids in the splash zone and go down the water slides but after three hectic days that felt good.  
 I think it is amazing how close Cameron and Piper are developmentally. They are essentially twins right now. 
 I have no idea what this kid is doing but he thinks he's pretty cool. 
 Actually, he is pretty cool.
 This was supposed to be a picture of all the kids but at the time we only had two. Do you see Justin and me in the reflection?
As I mentioned before, every evening we went to a live show with the family. I always had Cameron and Justin usually had Landon and usually all four of us ended up falling asleep. That fact that I'm awake in this picture means that it must be early.  
I have to tell you a funny story. Our regular morning routine was that Cameron would wake up somewhere between 6:00 and 6:30. Cameron would wake up Grandma who would ignore him until he woke up Evan. Grandma would then get up with them both and open up the curtains and enjoy the morning. Evan would watch TV and use the TV controller  while Cameron had the room phone and he thought he was controlling the TV. Meanwhile I would eventually roll out of bed somewhere around 8:30. Kira and Justin and the other two kids usually got up around the same time as me.  It was a wonderful schedule.

One morning Cameron woke up earlier than normal probably because he had a very nasty diaper. Lisa couldn't stand it and she remembered that Kira had a can of air freshener in her room. She quietly sneaked into their room and crossed over to the far side of the room to get the can of air freshener which was actually on their bed table. When she turned around to leave the room she saw two eyeballs peaking over the edge of the crib just like in the picture above. Lisa quickly hid behind a pillar in the middle of the room hoping that Piper wouldn't notice her. The only light in the room was from their clock so it was still quite dark in the room and luckily the eyeballs eventually disappeared and Lisa quickly scooted out of the room. According to Kira, those eyeballs were a rather common occurrence in the mornings.

The ships anchor weighs more than 14 tons. About the same as three elephants.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Disney Cruise - Jamaica part 2

After we left Dolphin Cove we went to Dunns River falls. 
Apparently the thing to do is to climb up the falls. 
It is actually a series of small falls with a total drop of 180 feet but overall it is a mile long. 
The trail roughly parallels the falls so Kira took the two babes and we were able to wave to her from time to time. 

I decided to take a shower
Climbing up the falls I was really puzzled at how the trees in the river seemed to grow right out of the the rock. Since I got back I have read that the water is so rich in calcium carbonate that the rock actually grows as the river flows over it. In other words, the rock has grown around the trees. The deposited rock is called travertine.  Fascinating.

 There goes mom sliding down the rock.
 And that is Landon 


 When we got to the top of the falls there was Kira and the little ones waiting for us.  
Justin suggested that Kira and I run down the trail and walk up the last part of the falls. We didn't have time to do the whole thing but the last part was the best anyway. Our tour guide was quite concerned but when he heard we were only doing the last part he let us go. 
This time it was Kira's turn for a shower

I can't believe my little girl is a grown woman with a family of her own. When did that happen? 
 After Dunns River Falls then it was back to our boat.
 Justin and I aren't really trying to be twins we quite by chance wore identical shirts. It is a Gators shirt that they gave me for Christmas.
 Cameron actually started walking pretty well on this trip. He doesn't do it too often but he can.
Thursday night was Pirate night  We had dinner in Lumiers again.
Not quite sure what kind of brew Evan is drinking but it is glowing.
 The show that night was on the upper deck of the ship.
 As with every other night, it was Cameron and me watching the show together. 
 Kira and Justin have a very cool group picture of us in our Pirate outfits but I haven't been able to convinced them to scan it for us yet. As soon as they do I will share it with you.

 The show was all of the Disney characters
 The Disney characters were all captured by Captain Hook and his gang of bad guys.

 Mickey Mouse zip-lined from the sky and a major battle ensued. The battle was represented by some pretty cool fireworks. Because we were out on the ocean the fire-works were quite close.
And of course Mickey Mouse was victorious. And as usual, Cameron and I were both asleep by the end of the show. 
Subsurface ground water rich in carbon dioxide can dissolve  large amounts of limestone. When the water comes to the surface in a spring the carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere and the the water can no longer hold the dissolved limestone which then deposits out as travertine.