Thursday, November 17, 2011

San Antonio

 San Antonio was a fascinating town. I thought it would be cool to see the Alamo and the temple but I didn't know what else might be there. Lisa mentioned that we should go and see the river walk as well. I had never heard of the River Walk and so I wasn't too thrilled about taking the time out to go see it. As it turned out, the river walk was my favorite place. Lisa said it was considered the "Venice" of the USA. I completely agree (even though I've never been to Venice).

The Alamo was a very sobering experience. I always knew that a bunch of people died in their while under attack by the Mexicans but I never knew the whole story. It was fascinating and we spent quite a long time in there. It is hard for me to imagine that people would willingly die for what they know is a lost cause. Some how I suspect that if it were me I would have snuck out of the Alamo so I could live to fight another day. I do know that I would never have surrendered to that man however since the last guys who surrendered to him were all executed. I loved the Alamo.

After we were finished at the Alamo we decided to check out the River Walk since we had the time. Directly across the street from the Alamo was a shopping mall where we had parked the car. When we asked someone where the river walk was they pointed out the window of the mall to what looked like a small pool and they said that it was right there. How do you like that, we had unknowingly parked our car closer to the River Walk than we had to the Alamo. We decided to go check it out.

We headed down the stairs and out to the pool and saw that it indeed was a long water way. We started to go for a walk along the bank of the water way and Lisa suggested that we pay for a boat ride since she was tired from the Alamo and needed a rest. She tires easily in her condition. What a great move that was. The boat ride was three and a half miles long and made a loop and the atmosphere through out the ride was wonderful. Definitely worth the time we took.

By the time our ride was over it was dark so we decided to get a table by the water and enjoy a little snack before we headed back.

On the way home we asked Martha to take us by the temple. The temples are all closed on Mondays so we knew it wouldn't be open but wanted to just see it anyway. It was very beautiful and I'm glad we stopped. It was more or less on our way anyway.

So that was our day. It was enjoyable from the time I got out of bed until we got back to bed and it was really good to spend time with Brandon and Serene and their beautiful girls. 

Scientists have discovered a bacteria that appears able to substitute arsenic for phosphorous in its DNA. It has always been assumed that all life required phosphorous and if this finding is confirmed it means that every biology book in the world will have to be rewritten.

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