Monday, December 12, 2011

Energy Vampires

The other night I was locking the doors and turning off the lights getting ready to go to bed. When the lights were all off and I was heading up the stairs I was struck but just how many little lights there were in my home even though everything was turned off. I've seen these lights many times but this time it sort of just hit me a little more powerfully. So much so that I even went and got my camera so I could share it with you. Of course this picture can only show the lights around my computers, it doesn't get the ones in the kitchen and the family room. Just to name some of the lights that come to mind without thinking too much about it I have.

cell phones
stove clock
microwave clock
house phones
lap tops
blue ray
cable box

I'm sure I'm missing something but you get the idea. They're like little vampires slowly sucking the energy out of my home.

The average house consumes about 200 watts of power 
even when everything is turned off.


Lisa said...

So true!

Lynn said...

My words exactly Lisa!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

It is a digital world :)!