Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I don't know how I can possibly describe the emotions going through my head right now. I am happy and thrilled but I am also a bit sad and slightly nervous. Yesterday at work I got a phone call from Sam Taylor. In case that name doesn't ring a bell with you he is the guy that Sarah has been dating at school. How she ended up dating him is a rather interesting story that will have to wait for a later date. I answered the phone and to make a long story a little less long suffice it to say that Sam tells me how much he loves my daughter, tells me he wants to ask her to marry him and asks for my blessing. I've never met Sam and I think that may have been the first time I've spoken with him but from all I can tell he is a wonderful guy and a very good match for my daughter. His biggest credentials are that he is Molly Sanchez's little brother. I think that has given him a big break with most of our family because we all love the Sanchez family and Molly has been bragging bout her little brother for as long as we've known her.. 

Over the years Sarah has dated many boys. While I dearly love all of my daughters and I've been perhaps a bit too protective of them I think I am even more so with Sarah. She's my baby and we've spent several years with her as an only child. With every boyfriend she has had I've gone through my own little gut wrenching turmoil and I've spent many long hours with Sarah grilling her for every little detail I can about her boyfriends. The amazing thing is that she has shared with me all of her feelings about each of them and her honesty with me has made it much easier for me to trust her and let her live her life without my interference. Well maybe with a minimal amount of interference anyway.

When Sam entered the picture it was not long before I could tell that this was different. And then I started getting reports from Alycia and of course he's always had Molly's recommendation and over time how could I not grow to love him. If he could make my Sarah glow the way I saw her glow then how could I not love him too? So when Sam asked me for my blessing it was easy for me to give it with no reservation. But now what did this mean for me?

Will we still get to go on our camping trips? What about our runs together? What about our late night talks? Of course I did all those things with Kira and Alycia but as hard as it was to let Kira go I just redirected my attention to Alycia and then on to Sarah but now what do I do? I think Mom is going to get way more attention than she cares to have. Sarah has promised me that we will still do those things but you know it is going to be very different. 

I am thrilled for Sarah and we had children for this very purpose, to raise them to be a blessing to the world. It is our sincerest desire to see them go forth and raise their own families and I can only hope that they receive as much joy from their families as I've received from mine. All I know for sure right now is that I'm looking forward to August 17th with some very mixed emotions.


Lynn said...

Congratulations to you and Lisa and of course, Sarah and Sam!!!!!! How exciting. So sorry for the mixed emotions. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.

P.S. You KNOW I have to mention it......what a GORGEOUS ring!!!! ; )

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

You know we all still want to do those things with you! In fact I think the desire to get closer to your parents gets even stronger after being married and growing up a bit more. Lets just hope we can all live close enough to make it all happen :) LOVE YOU LOTS DAD!


Peter and Mandy said...

Wow that was really fast! I remember the day you guys brought Sarah home from the hospital...she grew up too fast.

sarah said...

awwww Dad thank you so much for sharing that... i am literally crying right now... that means the world to hear and you know that i love you more than anything and that we WILL go on camping trips runs and etc. even after i am married. You will always be my daddy and i your baby.

Lisa said...

I've been a bit teary and emotional this week also. I know we're not losing our baby but it's yet another change. Between this and how soon Alex will be home I'm a mess!

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