Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sarah's Wedding Video

I know it has been months since Sarah's wedding but I thought I would share the teaser for her wedding video with you. I'm not sure why but it takes months to get the finished video so the videographer gives us the teaser to buy himself some time. To give you an idea of what the finished product will be like I've also included Alycia's video's. One from the temple and the other from the reception. Kira kind of got ripped off because she got married before the age of digital camera's and the technology necessary to to put something like this together for less than a small fortune.

I'm sure most of you have seen these already but I enjoy them so much I want to have them on my blog. I think their personalities really come out int he video. I love them both and I can't wait until we get Sarah's full length one.


password: McClain


Peter and Mandy said...

Those videos are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,

What a great family video. I will be in SanDiego April 15 to teach a seminar. I would love to get together. Give me a shout and we can set up the details. New email account I am excited I have never seen the SanDiego temple and I have not been back there since my mission.