Sunday, January 20, 2013


Thursday afternoon shortly before heading over to the temple Lisa got a phone call from Alex. Apparently him and two of his friends, Parker and Ryan, decided that it was way too cold in Salt Lake so they piled in a car and headed for San Diego. It was a four day weekend so they were able to squeeze an extra day in. At first I was a bit worried for them because it has been uncommonly cold around here. Most mornings when I head out to my car it is in the low 40's or some morning in the 30's. I finally had to drag my coat out. I would feel really bad for Alex if he came down here looking for some relief from the cold I we weren't able to give him anything better than that. Well, lucky for him (and for me) Friday morning dawned in the 50's and was in the high 70's throughout most of the day. It has been a beautiful weekend for the three of them and they've spent most of their time at the beach. The day may be warm but that water is still very cold. The ocean current brings the water from Japan, up to Alaska and then down to San Diego. It is not warm in the summer and even worst during the winter. That is OK though because we have wet suits.

Friday I was in my office on the phone and in walks Alex and his two buddies. What a nice surprise. I gave the three of them the grand tour of Hi-Z and then they headed off to La Jolla Shores. They thought they were going to get some surfing in but the waves were about one foot high. Very unusual. Saturday they got some good waves in but they thought it was going to be another "no wave" day and they left the surf board home.

Unfortunately all good things must come to a close and tomorrow they head back home. It has been a fun weekend enjoying seeing Alex again.

BYU is the most applied for university in the world.


Lisa said...

It was so fun to have them here!

sarah said...

dad sadly 40s or 30s is amazing weather!! it has been in the negatives in Provo and bitter cold yesterday i wore a t-shirt because it was a beautiful 10 degrees! We even had sun!

sarah said...

but it sounds like a fun trip!