Monday, April 29, 2013


 When I was a kid growing up I had two very close friends besides my brother Lester. Tom Crooks and Rick Cahoon. I think I first met Tom in the second grade but I don't even know when I first met Rick. Until I was seven we lived on a farm and Ricks farm was just a mile up the highway. We moved into town and Rick moved into town less than a block from my house. Everything I did  it was with either Tom, Rick or Lester and usually it was all four of us. I have so many memories and most of them include Rick. 

After our missions we all headed off to school. Rick went to BYU and met Karen and never came home. When Lisa and I got married we went to Utah on our honeymoon. We were able to visit with them there. The next time I saw Rick was about ten years later. I was at a convention in Arlington, Texas and Rick and Karen lived in Dallas. I was able to see them then. About ten years after that I was on a business trip to New York and by this time Rick was working in New York. We went out for dinner then. I guess it was about time I saw Rick again. A couple of months ago he sent me an email letting me know he was going to be at a convention in Dana Point. I was so glad when he told me he was coming in the Saturday before and he was available for the weekend. 

What made it all better was that Rick served his mission in San Diego and one of his area's was our stake. He hasn't been back here since his mission. 

About a month after learning of Rick's upcoming visit we got a message from my cousin Louise Nygaard. Louise is the daughter of my mothers brother and one of my favorite cousins. Coincidentally, Louis and Rick are also cousins. I'm not sure how they are related but Louise's mother was a Cahoon. Even better, Ricks Aunt Lucille married my Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is my mothers other brother and so he is also Louse's Uncle Tom. So me, Louise and Rick all share Uncle Tom and Aunt Lucille. As you can tell, we're all tied together. In any case, I've really been looking forward to this weekend.  

Louise arrived here completely exhausted. She had been in Thailand with a friend for a week before flying into Las Angeles. She landed around 10:00 PM, rented a car and headed for San Diego. As luck would have it, she ran into road construction. They can't work on the roads here during the day so they shut down the highways and work on them at night. She got here around 1:00 AM.

Of course we couldn't just go to bed so after visiting for a while we were all falling asleep anyway so we went to bed. Unfortunately, the course Louise was here to take started early Saturday morning so we got up early, made a nice breakfast and sent her off to her class. Fortunately her class was nearby.

Not too long after Louise left Rick flew into town. He flew into San Diego, rented a car and drove to our house. We visited for a while then went to a good Mexican place for lunch and drove Rick around to see his old haunts. The first picture is of Rick and I in front of his apartment. We then drove to the temple which was not here while he was and then off to La Jolla. Can you believe that Rick had an apartment on the beach? The house that he lived in is actually gone now but the third picture is Rick and I on the sidewalk approximately in front of where his apartment was. The fourth picture is La Jolla shores, the beach where Rick used to go running every morning. 

We then went back to the house and visited some more until Louise came home. Rick treated us to a nice meal on the beach. It was a wonderful time. Rick then drove on up to Dana Point to check into his hotel room and we went back home. 

Sunday morning we sent Louise off to her class again. We gave her a hug goodbye though because after her class she had to head straight to the airport. Rick on the other had drove down to go to church with us. After church we had a nice dinner and then went to show him the Mormon Battalion visitors center. They actually did have the Mormon Battalion visitors center when he was here on his mission but a few years ago they completely renovated the place. It is a very cool visitors center now. If you're ever here you really need to go see it. 

Alas, all good things have to come to an end. After many hours of reminiscing we finally had to say goodbye to Rick as well. I hope it isn't another ten years before I see him again. 

Louise on the other hand lives in St George so recently we have been able to hook up now and then. It is good to have family somewhat close by. 

Scientist have proven with genetics that every human being alive today is descended from a single woman.


Peter and Mandy said...

That's really cool that you still keep in touch with Rick after all these years. That'll probably be Kira and I too :) It's good to have best buds like that.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

LOVED reading this :) So cool to stay in touch with friends over the years, I can only imagine!

Kira said...

How neat is that! Are those steps in front of the temple new? I agree with Mandy! Best buds forever!