Sunday, October 06, 2013

General Conference

Twice a year our church has a general conference. Back in the old days all of the members would go to the Tabernacle and meet together. Today with 15 million members spread all over the world that is no longer possible. Fortunately technology has advanced along with the church and 97% of the members world wide are able to watch conference in their own language either on their TV's or on the internet. 

It is a wonderful weekend that consists of four two hour sessions. Two on Saturday and two on Sunday along with a priesthood session on Saturday evening. Let me share with you just a few of my favorite quotes. Forgive me if I don't get them word perfect but I'm not going to go back and check if I scribbled them down correctly. 

We gather to hear the words of the Lord and then return to our homes to live them.
Robert D Hales

The past is to be learned from, not lived in.
Edward Dube

Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.
Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf

The diversity of our members is one of our strengths.
Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf

To whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.     Peters response to the Lord when the apostles were asked if they too would leave. (Asked at a time when many of the Lords followers were offended and leaving him)

If we allow our culture to reduce the special relationship between children and their mothers we will come to regret it.
Gene R Cook

A man may open the drapes to allow the sunshine into the room but he does not own the sunshine nor the light and warmth that it brings. 
Neil L Anderson

We must align our will with Gods and then he can bless us like he wants to.
Terence Vinson

Freedom from self slavery is true liberation.
Russel M Nielsen

If anyone wants to watch any of these conference talks just go to the link below.

When a new dress color or design is introduced, the Tabernacle Choir orders 2,000 yards of fabric direct from the factory. The most recent addition to the wardrobe was what they call the “rose” dress. The committee used 1,100 yards of fabric for the dresses and put the rest on the shelf for future needs. Each woman is measured for her dress, and each pattern is adjusted for fit - neckline, sleeve, front, back, length. Each dress is then made to fit. The process takes about five months.

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