Sunday, November 24, 2013

Running In The Rain

I recently started running again. I love to run and I really need to get rid of at least fifteen pounds but I love to eat so it just makes sense. Yes, I know that 80% of losing weight has to do with what you eat and only 20% is exercise but I'll take that 20%.The problem is that I have a really hard time staying motivated if I am not signed up for a race. I've decided that I am going to run a half marathon. I haven't signed up yet or anything but just telling myself that I am running one seems to have given me the motivation that I need. I'm loving it. As it turns out there is a half marathon at Christmas time that I think I will run but whether I do or not it feels good to be moving again. I would actually rather do a full marathon but I just don't have the time it take to train for one. Right now I'm running two hours every Saturday but a full marathon takes four hours every Saturday.

Yesterday I headed out for a 9 mile run and I decided to run up through the Santa Luz area. That is one of the problems with running the longer distances. Where do you run? After a while you run out of new places to go. I've never done Santa Luz before though so off I went. If you look at my map you can see that the five mile mark is about as far from home as I could get and once I got there it started to rain. I was running across a golf course and saw a rain bow in the distance. I thought. Oh what a pretty rain bow. Little did I realize that it was coming my way. As the rain started coming down harder and harder I started thinking about who I knew that lived in the area. I was about ready to head for the Walton's when I spotted a bathroom. It had a covered entrance so I took cover there. 

I got a nice picture of the rainbow. After about five minutes the rain tapered off and I continued on home. I'm getting a lot better at this running thing. For the first three or four miles I was able to maintain close to a nine minute mile. I know that isn't too impressive for some of you but for me it is better than I have ever done before. Maybe it is time to sign up for that half marathon.

A recent survey of America's eleven most popular religions found that they divided roughly into two main categories. The religions with the most successful followers were the least devoted to their religions and the religions with the most devoted followers were the least successful. The one anomaly was the Mormons. They were among the most successful and among the most devoted ranking them far ahead of the next highest ranked religion. 

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