Saturday, April 18, 2009

injury number nine

So I've caught up on our trip to Utah but now I'm a week behind in my life. That's OK because I've not done much this week to talk about. Work all day and get home late and try and get caught up on mail, bills and taxes. April 15th came and went and as usual I didn't have my taxes ready to submit. That is so dumb too because I am expecting to get money in so why didn't I get them sent in on January 1st? Oh well, it is the same every year, I always file an extension. Thursday was the temple and Friday was a volleyball tournament for Alex. He was playing at Scripps Ranch which is close to where I work so I was going to go straight to the game from work. As I was getting ready to leave work Lisa calls and asks if I've left yet. She had just received a call to tell us that a friend had called her and told her to get to the school as soon as possible because Alex had just broken his ankle. I tell you, that boy should just quit sports. He has broken more bones, torn more ligaments and sprained more muscles than anyone I know.

Lisa and I got to the school about the same time and two hours later we finally get in to see a doctor. By this time we figured he probably hadn't broken anything because even though he was in extreme pain at first, by the time the doctor got to him he was much more relaxed. We've seen enough breaks and tears that we could tell this wasn't as bad. I began to have second thoughts when they pulled his shoe off. His ankle swelled up like a balloon. Luckily there is nothing broken and even though he is on crutches for a while I expect he will be spike the volleyball soon. The good news that he is quick to tell everyone though is that he got the "kill". He had jumped up to spike the ball and while he was in the air another player bumped into him and Alex came down sideways on his ankle and rolled it.

This morning we got up early to take Sarah to her track meet. It was an invitational and so she was competing against the best of the best. At her last invitational she came in seventh and today she came in sixth. That is progress but she is a little disappointed with her time. It was close to her best but she was really hoping for a new "PR".

Other than that I rewired a light switch, fixed two broken sprinkler heads, mowed the lawn, picked up dog poop and swept the patio. I also barbecued some steaks and we had a great dinner. Tomorrow is church, I always look forward to that.


Lisa L said...

His injury is to his foot not his ankle like we had thought. And it was his one of his own team members out of position that got him - crazy!!

Lynn said...

Ooo! Eeee! Ouch!!

Poor guy!

Peter and Mandy said...

Ouch! Well that just looks a little painful. Love the little paragraph at the end of what you did this weekend.