Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Utah part II

Sunday after conference we took the kids to a park near the Sanchez's. Evan and I had a lot of fun on the swings, slides and this horse. Do you see the snow on those mountains? I haven't worn this coat in a very long time and this was one of the best days we had in Utah. Brrrr.

One of the reasons for our trip to Utah was so Alex could tour the U of U campus. He has decided that he wants to attend the U and will be attending in August so this was a good opportunity for him to see where he will be spending at least four years of his life. The U really does have a beautiful campus and I enjoyed the tour but by the end of the day we were all tired. One of the last places we toured was the "on-campus" housing and Alex and Sarah found the couches in the building quite comfortable. Evan also found his stroller quite comfortable and he decided he was done as well.

Tuesday we went and toured the conference center. During conference we didn't have a chance to see much of the center what with tens of thousands of people all over the place but on Tuesday we got to go right up to the podium and we saw many original paintings and perhaps the best of all was the garden on the roof. One of the paintings we saw there was actually owned by Napoleons brother. Pretty cool eh? After the tour we went and had lunch at Brigham Youngs house. We actually sat in his root cellar. It was pretty cool and I had a picture taken but alas, it was on Kira's camera and we haven't exchanged pictures yet. After lunch we headed to Nielsons concrete place for desert. I was not particularly hungry and I was kicking myself when I got my huge cup of strawberry ice cream because I figured there was no way I was going to be able to eat it all but before I new it I was scraping the bottom of the cup. Those things are very good. After desert we went shopping for a few hours and then we dropped Alex and Alycia off so they could go to Alycia's lacrosse game. For those who may not know, Alycia coaches the Brighton High Schools girls JV Lacrosse team. They are all beginners and up until now they haven't won a single game. On Tuesday Alycia took Alex with her and with Alex standing on the sidelines next to the team I guess those girls decided to perform because they won their first game against a team that is better than some of the teams they have lost to.

While Alex and Alycia were at her game we took the opportunity to take Aunt Nola out for dinner. Aunt Nola married my mothers brother and we go way back. It was unfortunate that Alex and Alycia couldn't be there but you can only squeeze so much in a short week. We went to an all you can eat Chinese place and that is not what I needed after a full lunch and my strawberry concrete. I made sure I got my moneys worth and that was the problem.

In light of my promise not to let these postings get too long I'm going to cut this account off with Tuesday evening and a promise to finish the week soon. As you can tell we're having a great week.

In a survey of US teens who watched R rated movies 20% of the teens who had watched four or less movies said they were willing to have premarital sex but of teens who had watched more than 50 R rated movies 93% were willing to have premarital sex.

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Lynn said...

Wow! Powerful trivia!

Thanks for the continued tour of your UTAH trip.
Sounds like you all had SO much fun and SO much yummy food! My mouth is watering.