Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alex is gone

I'm sad to see this week end. The University of Utah had the week off and so Alex came home for the week. It was so fun to come home from work and see him here. He also brought a friend from Lehi (or one of those small towns south of the point of the mountain). I think he enjoyed his visit, They arrived on Saturday and Sunday he saw his old buddies at church, Monday they went to the zoo, Tuesday they went to the beach, Wednesday they , Thursday they went to Disneyland and visited with Ben and Sharley and Friday I think they unwound and relaxed around the house. Friday as he was going to bed I went in to his room to talk to him and I saw Sheba intently staring at a spot in Alex's room. I figured she must have spotted a spider or something and was about to take it out. When I looked closer I saw that Tom (Alex's python) had escaped from his aquarium (again). The problem is that when Tom gets hungry he tends to strike at anything that he thinks might be food. Once it was my thumb and another time it was Alex's big toe. Alex and I sat on the bed for a bit both of us thinking that Tom hadnt eaten for a week and we were trying to decide just how hungry he might be. We kept telling the other person to pick up the snake but in the end I finally had to be the brave one and pick up Tom. He seemd quite relaxed so I wasn't too worried but even still I moved very slowly and made sure I didn't do anything to startle Tom. Now the big mistery is "who took the bowling ball off of the lid?" Tom is getting quite big now and very capable of lifting the lid on his aquarium so Alex keeps a bowling ball on top of it. The ball was on the floor. I really don't think Tom is strong enough to lift it off but who knows? I'm quite sure it wasn't Lisa or Sarah and I know it wasn't me. It must have been Katlyn. Or maybe Tom is strong enough to lift it off.

Today Alex and Katlyn headed back to Utah. It was sad to see them go and I will surely miss him.

Modern day cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli were all bred by man from the same wild plant about 200 years ago.


Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

Number One. I WANTED to come home so bad :( being an adult sucks mucho.

Number Two. That snake is getting WAY too big, I hate it, I hate snakes, There better be way more then a bowling ball on top of that sucker's aquarium when I am home for Christmas!

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

Almost Forgot!
Number Three. I am not a big fan of cats, but Alex's snake is lucky it didn't get poor Sheba or I would have killed that THING!

Lynn said...

ARe you serious!!!!????

I can't believe that you still have that snake in your house. Scary! ; S

Peter and Mandy said...

ewww yuck and eck I can't believe you keep that thing as a pet. My dad killed one a few months ago in our backyard...though it was a rattle snake so it really needed to be destroyed (my 4 year old nephew found it while he was playing in the backyard with the dog). I still don't understand why people keep any type of snake as a pet. Really the world would be just fine without them around.