Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It was while I was working at Kyocera that my children grew to young adults and left the nest. While raising children is by far the most rewarding thing I have done in this world and has brought me far more joy than anything else, it does have it's challenges and pain. About the worst pain I've had to endure is sending my babies out into the world on their own. Worse than that however is giving my daughters to some other guy. No mortal man is worthy of my daughters but it is against the law to lock them up so I had no choice but to let them go.

Kira was the first to fall. She actually had a steady boyfriend in high school and after some interesting drama he left on a mission with some unstated "expectations". In her junior year at BYU she was set up on a blind date with a boy named Justin Palmer. Their first date had a pirate theme to it and so pirates have a special place in their lives. Even her blog is called, It wasn't long after Kira started dating Justin that the poor boy on the mission received the infamous "Dear John" letter.

Justin must really love Kira because he finished at BYU a year ahead of her and being in a music programKira
would lose as much as two years if she transferred to a different school. Rather than put her through that he worked for a year while she finished her degree and then they went to school where he could attend a good dental school and Kira could attend a good grad school.

For those who may not know, Kir
a is a very accomplished oboe player. At BYU (where they don't give out many full scholarships) she had a half tuition scholarship all the way through and at the University of Florida she had a full ride with all expenses paid and some extra money to live on. Other than the fact that he took my daughter away from me, I have few complaints about Justin. Probably the only downside of him marrying her is that he is from Canada. I go to all the work and pain to move my family down here to this subtropical paradise and she marries a guy from Calgary and moves back to the subarctic. Oh well, I can tell he loves her and he is certainly very good to her. His jovial mentality is perfect for Kira's tendency to over stress some of the little things in life.

Kira and Justin have brought me two wonderful grandsons. I haven't met the youngest one yet (did I mention that his middle name is Arlen?) but I love him to death already. I can't wait until Christmas when we will all be together.

French Canadians are technically Latin Americans (courtesy of Ben)


Lisa L said...

Awww! You can see her 'birkmark' in her one baby picture.

The Hall Family said...

you did such a great job! shes such a beautiful person and wonderful mommy! i sure miss her!

Lynn said...

I still feel like her Canadian Wedding reception was just yesterday. I just saw those photos again the other day.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Love you dad!!!

You should check out my post I just did. I hadn't even read yours yet. :-)

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

Kira is one of THE cutest little kids I have ever seen!

Fred ... said...

I think she's one of the cutest big kids too.