Sunday, November 01, 2009

Blessing the Baby

We had another wonderful weekend. I absolutely love it when we can get together with our kids. I wish we were all together but if we can do it with a few at a time then I'll take what I can get. Saturday after getting some jobs done around the house we loaded Sarah in the car and we headed up to Brandon's. This is only the second time in our lives that we have not been home for Halloween. Lisa feels really guilty but it doesn't bother me at all. It is kind of sad now days on Halloween anyway. When our kids were little the streets in our neighbourhood were packed with kids but now we might only get 6 or 7 the entire night. The little kids have all grown up and not enough young people are moving it to make up for it. The last time we missed Halloween was one night when Alex had a football game on Halloween night. I didn't feel too guilty then either. Lisa wanted to leave out a bucket of candy but we knew the teenagers would just pilfer it all anyway. This year she sent a bag of candy across the street to the one family we know with kids.

So Brandons little girl, Hayley was blessed this weekend. Ben and Sharley went to it also so it was fun to have at least half of our kids together. We got to Brandons on Saturday evening and then Serenes mother showed up Sunday morning and we met Ben and Sharley at the church. Thomas and Vickey with their daughter Afton also drove down from Simi Valley to attend the blessing. The blessing itself was short but very beautiful. Among other things, Brandon blessed Hayley that she would find joy in even the little things. What more could anyone ask for? After church we took some pictures of everyone who was in attendance and then headed to Brandon's house for food. In the group picture the people in the picture are from left to right: Sarah, Lisa, Me, Afton, Sharley, Sydney, Serene, Brandon, Hayley, Kate, Thomas and Vickey.

We sat around visiting for some time and then ate some pizza and then Brandon gave Ben a tour of the Law Building. I was surprized it was open on a Sunday but as Brandon put it. The Law Building never closes. It doesn't either, people were there studying.

Sadly the day ended and we all had to head home. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving but unfortunately since this year we get all the kids home for Christmas they will all be spending Thanksgiving with the in-laws. It looks like it will just be Alex and Sarah this year. I guess we'll have to invite lots of people over so that we can have a full house. Anyone want to come?

30% of all Americans contain a gene variation that makes them bad drivers. I don't think that argument will hold up too well in court.

The mug shot

and in profile

She looks like a natural doesn't she?

Of course we need to take time out to see how we're doing in Fantasy Football. We have a family league going and this week I play Ben. It is very close. Right now I'm seventeen points ahead of him but he still has Drew Brees to play tomorrow. I only have my defense left to play. I'm hoping the Saints do really well and that Brees does really bad. It's not looking too good for me but I have a real chance.

Take a close look, you can see that she's smiling at me.

This christening blanket was made by Lisa's great grandmother. She was blessed in it and so has everyone of our kids and now the grand kids are all getting blessed in it. Isn't that pretty cool? It was made by Hayley's great, great, grandmother.

Sydney was a blast this weekend. She had to be involved in every little thing that was going on. She is so cute.

The proud grandparents

... and the proud aunt. It looks like she's got the magic touch.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

so sweet!

Lynn said...

There's nothing like a baby to bring the WHOLE family together. She is adorable!

Lisa L said...

Hayley's great,great, great grandma made the christening shawl.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

one. LOVE the picture of Mom with Sydney and Hayley in the chair. Perfect.
two. SO SAD I couldn't be there :(
three. Don't you just love how that is Hayley's favorite position to fall asleep...right on her stomach on your lap, haha.
four. the picture of you and mom and Hayley is probably my favorite picture of you and mom to date.

Peter and Mandy said...

She is so precious!

Sharley said...

nice try dad.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and your beautiful family Brandon and Serene! Proud Grandparents!!! Sarah you are so good with children. Sharley you look beautiful with Hayley. We love the Leavitt's <3

It's Tiffanie, I don't remember my password, lol