Sunday, December 20, 2009


The next problem I would solve is immigration. Immigration into the United States is ridiculous. It took Lisa and the kids six years to get their citizenship and that is while they were married to a US citizen. That is nuts. Instead of dealing with the problem however our government just stands by and watches people flood across the border. While I'm not terribly concerned about the average Mexican trying to make some money to support his family, I'm very concerned about the middle eastern terrorist disguising himself as an innocent Mexican man trying to support his family. I'm also extremely concerned about the tons of drugs that cross our borders and the sex slaves and the dirty bombs. If I were the guy in charge I would make immigration extremely simple requiring a physical exam and a background check. This would help to keep out many of the third world diseases and criminals. I would then close our borders tighter than a drum. Nobody would get across our borders illegally. I would build a fence in the metropolitan areas and fly predators out in the desserts where there are fewer people. If I spotted anyone trying to sneak into our country I would warn them once and if they didn't turn around I would shoot them. Do that once or twice and you won't see too many people trying to cross illegally. If immigration were simplified then the honest people wouldn't have to come across illegally anyway. All the guys sneaking across would be bad guys.

All people entering our country (citizens and non-citizens alike) would have a computer file created about them. The file would have a record of how often they cross the border along with any jobs they've had and everything else anyone would want to know. All travelers would be fingerprinted and when ever they enter the country they would scan their thumb prints and the file would pop up with a big picture of them and it would be green saying they can enter or red meaning they had to be pulled aside for more questioning. The businessman who travels twenty times a year would obviously be no threat but there is no way anyone on the terrorist watch list would get by since the screen would be big, red and flashing saying, "arrest this guy".

I would use the same system for anyone applying for a job too. Thumb scanners are cheap and every business would have one. If you want to hire someone you just scan his thumb and it will display his picture and tell you if he is legal to work in the States.

Flying on a plane would also require a thumb scan as would foreign students at college. This way you could easily track anyone who is in the states on student visa's etc. and if they decide to run they would have to walk since thumb scans would be used for most forms of travel.

This system would be very simple to set up and it would prevent all forms of stolen identity since your picture is displayed. It could be implemented tomorrow but unfortunately no one seems to be interested.

In 2006 it was reported that between 2001 and 2005, 45,000 illegal aliens from countries on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terror (SST) or from countries that protected terrorist organizations and their members were caught trying to cross the Mexican border into America. I wonder how many were not caught?

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