Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Drivers License

Today was a day of some crazy ups and downs. It started out with a big down, Lisa left me. At least she's gone for the weekend. We had everything timed to perfection. I'd run her to the airport and get back just in time to wake Sarah and run her over to Seminary. We were just a few miles from the airport when Lisa realized that she'd forgotten her cell phone. What a dilemma, if we went back for the phone then we would risk missing her flight and to make things worse, I wouldn't be back in time to get Sarah to seminary. If we didn't go back for the phone then Lisa would be in Salt Lake for six days with no way to keep in touch with Alex and Alycia not to mention Sarah and I. After about 60 seconds of deliberation we took the next exit and headed home at 90 mph. Lisa grabbed her phone, I woke up Sarah (who was quite confused), we ran Sarah to the church and left her on the doorstep wrapped in a blanket and then off for the fastest trip to the airport that I've ever made. As it turned out, not quite fast enough. Lisa was there 25 minutes before her plane left and they would have had no problem getting her on the plane but they couldn't get the luggage on the plane. I actually think they could have but they didn't want to try. The problem is that they won't put her luggage on another plane unless she's on the same plane. That meant that she had to rebook on the next flight out and that cost us an extra $50. Oh well, I guess it is worth it for her to have her phone. That is one of the reasons why I never check my luggage. If she'd had carry on she could have made her original flight. Oh well. She's in Utah to see her babies. I'm jealous.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, I got to run Sarah around. First we took her to her orthodontist for a retainer check. Guess who never took her retainer? Pretty tough to do a retainer check without a retainer. From there we headed to the California DMV office so Sarah could take her drivers exam. She was so nervous she about wet her pants. I must admit I was a bit nervous myself. As I was sitting there watching the other kids come back into the office I would see them smiling or frowning but pretty much under control. All of the sudden I see Sarah jumping and bouncing down the side walk and then screaming the whole way she ran and jumped on me. Yes, she passed. Sarah is actually a very good driver, perhaps one the best of all my kids but she has one very bad flaw that scares me to death. She is very easily distracted and doesn't always check her surroundings. Of the ten demerits that she got, six of them were for "traffic check". I guess the examiner agree's with me. She's allowed fifteen demerits so our baby is now driving. Tonight we went and made her a set a keys. She's one exited girl. Guess what? Tomorrow I get to stay in bed while she drives herself to seminary. Yay.

The Gutenburg bible used the skins of 300 sheep for each bible printed.


Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

p.s. I missed you last night at dinner. I wish you could have been there. Enjoy playing "Mom" for the rest of the week though! hehe LOVE YOU!

Brandon J. Leavitt said...

You know it would have been simpler (and cheaper) to buy a pay-per-use phone (about $15-$20) and not miss the flight. In fact, you could run the pay-per-use off of Skype and then you aren't even technically paying per use.

Lynn said...

uhhhhh..........yup........that's what I was going to say....just what Brandon said.

That and if you had your cell could of traded phones for a week. No??

That's what Dean and I will do, if one forgets. I take his phone from him and when he gets home, he just takes mine. Yes...a little confusing to the people calling those numbers, but we just give them the new number to call that week. LOL!

Congrats on the new driver. Corey our 16 year old will be taking his driver's course in a few weeks as well. And yes, that will make Dean VERY happy about not having to drive to Seminary again.

Fred ... said...

We would have traded phones but I forgot mine as well. We were there on the freeway with no phones. The prepaid phone might be $20 but then I think you need to buy the minutes. Mom uses a lot of minutes. Plus the hassle of finding out where to buy one. Besides, we did actually hope to make the flight.

Peter and Mandy said...

Congrats to Sarah!

Lisa L said...

Ya, so much for being so organized! That's the first time I've done something like that. Oh well, I was pretty teary. I have never checked a bag for a trip to Utah but I was taking birthday stuff etc and needed a bigger bag. Oh well, I will be changing bags with Alex so I can carry on on the way home. I love the picture of Sarah. She looks beautiful!!