Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sheba - Olympics

Let me start out by saying that I love my cat. I think she is beautiful, classy, she has a lot of character, she is unpredictable and in her prime she was the queen of the neighbourhood. In spite of my love for my cat I've never been very cuddly with her mostly because I didn't like her falling asleep on me. If she fell asleep on me then I felt obligated to not move because I might disturb her. If she ever did fall asleep on me I would just boot her off and so Sheba and I always had a mutual respect for each other but we rarely snuggled up to each other.

Something has changed with that cat lately and I suspect it is because Alex is not living here anymore. She comes running to me in the morning, she sits on the table while I eat my breakfast and if I sit on the couch she is instantly on my lap. It is driving me nuts but I feel bad tossing her off so there we are with me watching the Olympics and Sheba asleep on my lap. Apparantly I'm not the only one. The other day we were watching the Olympics and Lisa says,"Fred, look at this". Sheba had crawled onto Lisa's lap and she had her nose literally a fraction of an inch from Lisa's nose. It was the funniest thing. Her nose was so close that her whiskers were tickling Lisa's nose.

How about the Canada / USA hockey game. What a great game. I loved the closing ceremonies too. Now maybe I can get to bed on time.

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer was invented in 1947 by Fritz Haber. Without this invention 2 out of every 5 people alive today would not be here because we couldn't grow enough food to feed them. Fertilizer is considered by many to be the most important invention of the twentieth century but have you ever heard of Fritz? No? That may be because he also invented explosives for Hitlers war effort, poisonous gas (ammonia and then chlorine) for his chemical warfare & Zyklon B that was used in the gas chambers to kill millions of Jews.


Lisa L said...

Yay for getting to bed earlier! Why are we up late now?

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

OH Sheba, she looks SO good for how old she is. I hate cats, but I LOVE her. She is the only cat I will let into my heart :) haha. Sheba learned early on, not to go near my while I am sleeping! haha.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...