Monday, July 12, 2010

Canada - day 5 - June 30, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows that I really enjoy Star Trek. I always have. One of my fondest memories as a child is coming home from school, making a sandwich and then sitting down to watch the latest episode of Star Trek. I then grew up, went to college, went on a mission and then got married and mostly forgot about Star Trek and then there was "Star Trek - The next Generation" on TV. My love affair with Star Trek was suddenly rejuvenated. That went on for several years until I was afraid they would take it off the air and then there was "Deep Space 9". Deep Space 9 was a Space Station in deep space and it was still all the same characters as Star Trek. Then there was "Voyager" (another angle on Star Trek) and finally "Enterprise". This managed to drag out my love affair with Star Trek for more than a decade and I still enjoy the hundreds of re-runs that are available. How is this related to our trip to Canada you may ask? Well in rural Alberta there is this small town called Vulcan. Anyone who knows anything about Star Trek knows that Spock is from the planet Vulcan. The town of Vulcan has capitalized on their name and now has a Star Trek museum and Kira thought it would be fun if we all went out to this museum in honor of me. How thoughtful of her. It was a very fun trip. I must admit that many of their sights were a bit corny but still very fun. Lisa's Dad also came to Vulcan with us. It was a very fun day.

After we arrived back to Kira's house we were in for another exciting time. The opening of Eclipse was that night at midnight. Justin and Brandon were good enough to stay home and babysit and let the girls and I go to the movie. There were other men there but I was definitely in the minority. As far as I'm concerned this was the best Twilight movie yet.

The majority of pedophiles are Trekkies. Let me just interject in this trivia and point out that the converse of this trivia is not true. The majority of Trekkies are NOT pedophiles.

Every Star Trek series has a very gorgeous, large chested woman in it. This is seven-of-nine from Voyager.

Captain Picard from "The Next Generation" looks a lot like me don't you think? Maybe if they make me a Star Ship captain I'll put some pants on.

In addition to the five different Star Trek Series there are a dozen or so Star Trek Movies. The latest movie appealed to a less nerdy group of people that the previous movies. Sarah appears to have fallen for the new Captain Kirk. The only problem is that based on her ears she looks Vulcan and I thought Vulcan's controlled their emotions better than that.

This is the side of the local pharmacy. I think they were brilliant in making this mural. This depicts the doctors from each of the five Star Trek series. On the left is Dr. Phlox from "Enterprise", then Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek, Dr. Crusher from "The Next Generation" and then the doctor from Voyager who was actually a hologram and didn't have a name and then finally Dr. Bashir in "Deep Space Nine".

After we got back from Vulcan (that sounds funny) we attempted to get pictures of the grand babies. What a fiasco. It was impossible to get them to sit still for more than a second. What you don't see is Justin behind the couch. He would hold Landon in place and then let go. I had to take the picture within a second or Landon is out of the picture to the right. I have several pictures that are great of everyone but all you can see of Landon are his feet as he is exiting to stage right.

It was the same story for Grandpa. I'm sure he felt like he was buried beneath a pile of worms.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

are you saying that it isn't appropriate for Captains of space crafts to where holy shorts???

You comment about vulcan Sarah still has me laughing outloud!!

Lisa said...

Another fun day :)

Peter and Mandy said...

You guys had a ton of fun on that trip.

Lynn said...

HA HA. Too funny. Looks like you guys were totally in your element. Not even we have seen that place. GOtta go see it now. Good for you guys!

G G Pa said...

There are no worms as great as the ones around me