Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Week in Review

This week Sarah was at girls camp so once again Lisa and I were empty nesters. Sarah really is low maintenance but even still, with her gone this week everything seemed much more relaxed. I really did miss her though and it was a thrill to see her when she got home. I suppose all Stakes are the same but when ever we send a girl to girls camp they always ask us to write a letter that they can take into a secluded spot in the wilderness and read. We always try and make it special. This year Sarah reciprocated and wrote Lisa and I each a letter before she left. She taped them to our bedroom door with a note that said not to open until Thursday. It was very special
and I loved it.

Saturday was the 24th of July. For those of you who are not Mormon, this is significant because that was the day the early pioneers first entered Salt Lake Valley. There is always a huge celebration in Utah but even out here we celebrate the 24th of July. I've mentioned before that we do the 5K fun run. Some one mentioned at church the a "fun run" is an oxymoron. I thought I was going to die but for the most part I had a blast. I'm really feeling it now though because I haven't run at all for a long time and I was totally out of shape. Sarah ran with me to make sure that I ran the whole way and didn't walk. I happy to report that I did not walk but I'm really hurting right now. It is a good hurt though. I do like to run and I wonder why I don't do it more often. I'll have to fix that. After the run we went to a baptism for Jamie Havertz's boyfriend Anthony. It was a very wonderful baptism and a special day.

Saturday evening My niece Lyndsey Walker came with her two year old Aiden. I hope I spelled Aiden's name right. Lyndsey is Greg's daughter and her husband in Iraq. She is out here from El Paso to meet up with Leslie and Paul and they're going to Disneyland. It was really good to see her. Sunday morning Leslie and Paul and their three kids came by for a visit before we headed off to church. It was like a little family reunion. It was also pretty cool to see Leslie's oldest daughter Serena. Serena and I have been emailing off and on for several years now. She was just a little girl last time I saw her so it was cool to see her now as a young woman. She is a
senior in high school, very bright and she's planning on becoming and Engineer. A girl after my own heart.

Sunday night Sarah had a going away party for a girl in our ward who just moved to Georgia. So that was my week. The weather is beautiful and I miss Alex.

The Population of the world can live within the state boundaries of Texas.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

wish I could have been there for all of this!

Lisa said...

Where's the picture of Lindsey & Aiden? BTW, I'm loving my new sweater :)

Peter and Mandy said...

Sounds like you had a great week! We had a fun 24th too, I'll post later when I get a picture of the bush that was supposedly in flames...mother-in-law is good at exaggerating.

Fred ... said...

Oops, sorry Lyndsey. You're up there now.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

How CRAZY to see updated pics of my cousins!!! Serena looks like Meaghan!!