Monday, November 22, 2010

They're Starting to Arrive

Things are getting pretty busy around here and I'm afraid if I don't take a minute now and bring things up to date I may not get to it until next week. The excitement all started on Friday. Kira flew into town in the afternoon with her two boys and then they went from the airport to the train station and picked up Ben. Unfortunately Justin had to stay home and work and Sharley has classes still. Ben is here for the week but he came down this weekend so he could be Pat's date at his sisters wedding. They make quite a motley pair don't you think.

Saturday Ben headed off with Pat for the wedding and we didn't see him again until Sunday morning. From all accounts he had a wonderful time. Ben is only afraid that Pat's relatives will think he was drunk. Everyone else was drunk and Ben was acting so crazy that some people may have thought he was as well.

Evan really wanted to see Tom eat so we fed Tom on Saturday. Kira was expecting some sort of reaction from Evan when Tom struck the mouse but Evan's calmly asked if the "Rat" was dead.

While we're all excited to have Kira here for Thanksgiving she didn't actually come down to see us. Kira's childhood friend that we've called one of our daughters had a baby last week. It is very exciting to see Mandy with little Conner.

Today was another exciting event for Kira and Ben. Kira got her masters degree in music performance (Oboe) at the university of Florida while Justin was getting his Dentist degree. The years they were at the U of F kind of turned them into Gator fans. Of all the football players Kira especially fell in love with Tim Tebow. Of course this means that when Tebow went to the Denver Bronco's so did Kira's loyalties. This of course was tough for Ben to accept because he is a very loyal Chargers fan.

When Kira finalized her plans to come to San Diego Justin bought her two tickets to the Chargers / Bronco game which was today. Kira asked Ben to go to the game with her. He was nearly in tears with excitement when she asked him. This morning when Ben got up the first thing he wanted to do was head down to the Stadium. Kira held him off until three this afternoon (the game didn't start until 5:30) but amazingly enough when they got to the stadium parking was already sold out. Amazing. There are a lot of people who wanted to see that game.

We've been a bit depressed this year because this is the year that our kids all go to the in-laws. Christmas morning is going to be just Lisa, Sarah and I. What we didn't realize was that everyone will be here for Thanksgiving. With the exception of Alex of course. I'm very excited. Ben and Kira got here Friday without their spouses. Alycia and Trevor will be getting here Wednesday and Sharley will be arriving either Tuesday or
Wednesday depending on how her schedule goes. Brandon and his girls will get here Thursday afternoon. I'm so excited, I love it when the house gets full.

In football, if a team doesn't gain yards on their first down they are seven times more likely to turn the ball over during their possession.


Lynn said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Good times!

Lisa said...

Fun times!

Peter and Mandy said...

I can't believe Evan let Tom sit in his lap....eck!

Fred ... said...

GO BRONCOS!!! I am sooo in love with Tim!! :-)

(Again this is Kira ... not Fred)