Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Bowl

In our ward Thanksgiving Day means Turkey Bowl. We've done this every Thanksgiving since the boys were very little. At first I wasn't much of a fan but after a few years I found myself looking forward to it. Alex used to make it a point to always make sure I got a touch down so this year while he was not there for the first time I still managed a touch down. Rick Danes made a point of making sure I had a shot at quarter backing and he even had me kick off once. This year Alycia came along to watch and she took pictures. I don't think we've ever had pictures of the Turkey Bowl before. In the first picture you can see me just as I threw a completion. I did quite well if I have to say so myself. In the second picture I'm kicking the ball. It was a very good kick too. They split the teams with odd birth months on one team and even birth months on the other. That put Ben and I on one team and poor Trevor got stuck on the losing team. Ben made about seven interceptions and a ton of touch downs. I even threw a pass to Taylor Wight who ran it for a touch down. Trevor also played well.

After a few hours of football we all came home to a huge turkey dinner. Unfortunately Brandon
and Serene and their girls were at Serenes relatives for dinner so we didn't have them here but we still had a dozen people here.
We invited the missionaries over so we had:
Elder Moses
Elder Tsang
Of course no family get together would be complete if we didn't get Pat over and play Settlers of Catan. We also invited Frank over to play with us.

After sitting around the house for a few hours and letting the turkey settle in we decided to all go and watch the latest Harry Potter movie. It was a very good movie. Brandon and Serene arrived about the time we got home from the movie.
We were going to wait from them to get here before we went but we also wanted to see "Tangled". Alycia and Trevor had to leave Saturday so we decided to see Harry Potter today (Thursday), Tangled on Friday and then we could baby sit for Brandon and Serene so they could have a date on Saturday. We then came home and played into the night. I love it when my kids come home.

If you ask an astronaut what they believe the biggest challenge in space flight is they will likely admit it is the smell. As one person described it, imagine three guys who think "pull my finger" is funny, in a car with the windows rolled up. One astronaut described it like living in a porta potty.

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