Friday, December 24, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

I think it is funny how when life is boring and there is nothing to talk about you have all the time in the world to write something but when life gets busy and exciting then you have no time to write. So Brandon came down on the train on Tuesday to attend Norbs viewing Tuesday and funeral mass on Wednesday. The funeral was a very beautiful one and quite uplifting. I am really glad i went and I enjoyed it. The more I get to know Norbs kids the more impressed I am. After the funeral Brandon received a phone call telling him that the train he had reservations on to return to LA had been cancelled due to the rain. The tracks were flooded at the Penasquitos marsh. We later learned that in addition to flooding there had been a mudslide that covered the tracks. When he called Serene to tell here about the problem her first response was "You'd better be home by Christmas". She became even more distraught when she went on line and found that there were no trains running until Sunday. We eventually found out that the trains were running as far south as San Juan Capistrano so I drove him up there and he caught a train from there. It was a longer drive that we were planning on but I love any chance I get to visit with Brandon so we made the best of it and solved many of the worlds problems on the way.

I think I mentioned the other day that this storm is the worst we've had in five years but what I heard today is that this is the worst flooding that we've had San Diego in thirty years. It doesn't seem all that bad to me but the interesting thing is that the football stadium flooded. They had three feet of water inside the stadium. That was a problem because the Poinsettia bowl was today and it was the first time that San Diego's local football team (SDSU) has had a bowl game in a very long time. SDSU was supposed to play Navy yesterday but due to a scheduling problem they had to change the date to today. Its a good thing they did because it would be tough to play in three feet of water. The helped out SDSU and the spent the entire night pumping out water. In the end they pumped more than one and a half million gallons of water. They were saying that they had to pump out the water because if they played in a flooded stadium it would give Navy an advantage.

I had an interesting thing happen at work today. The company next to ours is called RF Industries. They make wireless routers and modems and we have a pretty good relationship with them. The owner of the company has a granddaughter in High School and she is in some small choir that performs all over the place. Today I was in the back lab and I heard Christmas songs being sung. I walked out to the front and there is this small choir of about six kids singing Christmas songs and I'm telling you they were wonderful. Some of the most beautiful harmony I've ever heard. They truly could be professional. They are better than most of what I've heard on the radio. It was a great treat.

Well it is past midnight and I wanted to go into work early tomorrow so I can get my stuff done in time to come home early on Christmas eve. I'm quite excited. Just in case I don't get a chance to tell you all before Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day (half of that coming from food and drinks other than plain water) could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.


Lisa said...

It is crazy how much it flooded. How cool that that little choir came and sang for everyone :) Also, I drink a lot of water and it hasn't helped my back. Why can't I be part of the 80%?

Lynn said...

Oh wow!!! That IS a LOT of water! Glad your son was able to make it home for Christmas!