Monday, May 02, 2011

Art Show

Sunday was Sharley's art show. I think it is something like a bachelors thesis where she needs to put together an art show before she graduates. We drove up Sunday afternoon and after a very rough Saturday I was looking forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon drive. I forgot that Cal State Long Beach is too close to LA and therefor subject to LA traffic. We made great time until we were three miles from our exit at which point we came to a grinding halt. 

It took us nearly an hour to go the next three miles and just before our exit we saw that there was a stalled van in the middle of the freeway. To make matters worse our exit was closed. We were relying on Waldo (Sarah's GPS) to get us to our destination but he was useless because all he wanted to do was take me back to the closed exit. Finally Ben called and got me close enough that Waldo took over. In spite of being an hour late the art show was beautiful. Even if Sharley wasn't my daughter in law I would still say that her exhibit was the best. Her pictures were all about her family and she did a good job. I did like some of the others but some of those people are a little disturbed. 

Speaking of disturbed, some time ago Brandon and Sharley were debating the finer points of modern art. In the conversation Brandon made the claim that he could create a piece of art from his used contact lenses. Since that time Brandon has been sticking his used lenses together and he's created a marble sized ball. If you didn't know that they were used lenses they actually look pretty cool but knowing that they were all in his eyeballs at one time it's just a little bit gross. Personally I think it is pretty cool. He glued the lens ball into a nice box and labelled it with Job 42:5 which reads: I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

Leaving the campus we found that we all had received a parking ticket. There was a gate coming into the parking lot but the arm was up and there was no place to pay so we all assumed that the parking must be free on Sunday's. I even went back to the gate and took pictures because I fully intended to fight and while I figured I would pay in the end I was going to make someone work for their $48. As we were heading back to the car Ben saw the parking attendant so we went over to him to complain. To make a long story short he finally agreed to change our tickets to warnings. That made me happy. I got a bit testy with the guy and I feel bad because he's just doing his job but I think he was glad to get rid of us.
Anyway, in the end it was a good trip. Loved your work Sharley, good job.

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American garbage disposals eat better than 30% of the world



Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Wish I could have been there! It was great to see the contact lens "stone" thing everyone was talking about. How... strange, haha, but cool looking!

Dad said...

If Waldo is like Babe you just keep going and it will re-calculate your route. Can be frustrating but you have to have faith.

Fred ... said...

I tried that but everytime he recalculated it always took me back to the off ramp.