Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brandon & Serene are moving

 Today was a rough day. Brandon and Serene moved out of their apartment and Lisa and I went up to help them. I don't think there is an apartment in that entire complex that is farther from the street that theirs is. They are on the third floor (no elevator) and the very last apartment in the hallway. Luckily he had some help and I decided to let the young guys do most of the hard work and I focussed on getting everything into the small trailer. Unfortunately I didn't think to get a before picture but they had a lot of stuff. We decided on getting the smaller trailer because the next size up was twice the cost and I thought with the van and Brandons car we could make it fit.

Once we saw everything it wasn't so clear cut but I figured it was worth a try. Several times thoughout the morning Brandon and Lisa both told me we should go and trade in the trailer for the next size up but I'm always game for a good challenge. It took a lot of planning and some careful positioning but eventually we got it all in. Well to be honest there was a bookshelf that just wasn't going to fit but we paid $10 for that book shelf and that was a whole lot less than it would cost to get the bigger trailer. There was also one remaining tote that wouldn't fit so I took everything out of the tote and left it behind.

If you look at the second picture you can see an empty tote, a small round table and a small plastic tray. Those items wouldn't fit and were to be left behind but Lisa had a bungy cord that I used to strap the tray to the hitch and Lisa refused to leave the table behind so it rode on the tray that is between the drivers seat and the passengers seat. As you can see from the back of the van and the back of the trailer, there isn't much room left. You may also have noticed that the couch ended up on the roof of the van. I suggested and we have Grandma ride on the couch and to my surprise I think she almost considered it. The van was pretty crowded.

Do you like how we tied the rocking horse up there? I guess there were kids in other cars that were pointing to the horse going 55 mph down the highway. We had some good help while we were in Malibu but as we were driving down to San Diego I got a bit worried about unpacking some of the heavier items. There was a dresser that was very heavy. Luckily my good friend Curtis McConnell was willing to help me. I think he didn't realize what he was getting into. He wants Brandon to know that he will be sending the Chiropractor bill to his address and if he see's another box with the word "books" on it he will burn it.

Thanks Curtis.

Half of all the wealth in America is controlled by 400 people.


Peter and Mandy said...

I'd be pointing at the rocking horse too.

Sharley Cotter said...

you guys are amazing. You help your kids move way too much!! (including us!)