Monday, June 06, 2011

Father Daughter Campout

 This weekend was the annual Father Daughter camp out. It was a special campout because it was also the day Kira arrived so she could come and since Serene was here I invited her as well. I also invited Sharley to come and she actually considered it. I tried to get Serene to bring her two girls since they're my granddaughters but Serene needed a break so she told me it was either her or the girls but not both. I picked her. Kira wanted to bring her boys so we had a full car and a full tent.

We wouldn't have had a hope of fitting in my little tent but I remembered that at the last father sons camp out Rick Daynes had a monstrous tent. I called him up and he was willing to let me borrow it. 

I left work at 2:30 hoping to get an early start on the day because I hate putting up tents in the dark but alas it still didn't work out. We got left late, we had to pick up the tent, we had to pick up a wheel chair ramp for the van, we had to stop and buy the makings for s'mores and then once we got to Julian we stopped for dinner. We got there just as the sun was going down and by the time we got the tent out and the parts laid out it was dark. Being the monster tent that it was and being dark I was really worried about assembling the tent without any instructions. Thankfully Tod Groesbeck offered to help me out and between the Engineer and the Physicist we got it together without too much trouble. It was definitely a huge tent. 

We enjoyed our s'mores and then Serene and Sarah bailed on us and went to bed. Kira and I went for a walk and then sat by the fire until the ranger came by and made us put it out, then we went to bed. The next thing I knew someone pulled back my sleeping bag and I looked up into Kira's face. In a very sad voice she said to me, "Dad, can you please take the boys for a walk? I haven't slept all night."

Sarah got up with me and we took the boys for a walk while Kira went to bed. I checked and it was 6:00. We had a very good breakfast, went on a short hike and then it was back to San Diego. 

Today was a good day as well. After church Ben and Sharley came down and we all went to Sarah's seminary graduation. Sarah gave a talk and she did a great job. Sarah and Derek Sutherland were both recognized for going to Seminary all four years and didn't miss a single day of Seminary. That means that all six of our kids attended all four years of Seminary and not one of them missed a day. That is pretty amazing when you think about it. 

1 in 3 American children eat fast food every single day.


Lynn said...

"That means that all six of our kids attended all four years of Seminary and not one of them missed a single day. That is pretty amazing when you think about it. "

That is TRULY amazing! Great job! Congrats to them all. And to you as parents for getting them there too. ; D

All of our kids who have gone to Seminary also received 100% attendance.......but only because whatever day they missed.....they did the make up lessons and requirements for that day. With 6 kids ALL in braces....*sigh* ; ( .........they were destined to miss one day a month just for Ortho appointments alone! lol

Fred ... said...

I guess that is where early morning seminary is an advantage. There aren't too many conflicts at 6:00AM.

Sutherland Family said...

ALL SIX OF YOUR KIDS HAD PERFECT ATTENDANCE?! That is more than amazing!!! You really have an incredible family and should be so proud!

Also, Sarah is extra special and I'm so grateful she has been such a great friend to Derek!