Sunday, June 12, 2011


Fred Leavitt graduating from the
University of Alberta
Today if you will indulge me I'm going to take a moment to brag. Saturday we threw a party for our kids. Not only have we had five of our children graduate in the last month but now all six have graduated from High School, all six have started college, and including spouses we have three graduate degree's and eight bachelors degree's. The only remaining two include one on a mission and a freshman. I think they deserved the big party. Just to summarize:

Fred Leavitt graduating from the
University of California San Diego
Justin - Bachelors in Neuroscience
           - DDS in Dentistry
Kira   - Bachelors in Music Performance
          - Masters in Music Performance (Oboe)
Brandon - Bachelors in Bio Chemistry
                - JD Law
Serene - Bachelors in English 
          - minor in Editing
Benjamin - Bachelors in International Business
         - minor in Spanish
Sharley - Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography
Trevor - Bachelors in Political Science 
            - minor in Jazz Guitar
            - now attending BYU Law
Lisa Shaw graduating from
M E Lazerte High School
                                                               Alycia - Bachelors in Social Science Composite Teaching
  -minor History Teaching
 Alex - High School
          - now on a mission in Chili
Sarah - High School
           - now attending UVU

So the party we had wasn't much of a party and the kids had to do most of the work themselves but it is always fun to just have some friends come by, visit and eat lots of food. When my kids are at home it is always like a party.

Justin Palmer graduating from the
University of Florida (Dentistry)
Sadly the party is now over and everyone but Grandma have left. Trevor and Alycia pulled out and headed for Salt Lake at about 8:00. Brandon and Serene pulled out at about 8:30 and headed for Texas and we drove Justin and Kira to the airport at about 10:00. Right now it is very quiet around here.

We got back to the house and just plopped onto the couch and have hardly moved since. We've eaten a few left overs and I think we will be eating left overs for at least a week.

Kira Palmer (Leavitt) graduating from
Brigham Young University
Now we need to start getting ready to take Sarah up to UVU. She's going to start school the end of June and I'm really not looking forward to it. Some one once said that to have kids is to decide "... to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” That is how I feel. 

Kira Palmer (Leavitt) graduating from the
University of Florida
Just for fun I grabbed some pictures of some of the graduations. I've also got some pictures from the weekend. 

42% of college graduates will never read another book.

Brandon Leavitt graduating from
Brigham Young University
Brandon Leavitt graduating from
Pepperdine School of Law

Benjamin Leavitt graduating from the
California State University Fullerton
Sharley Leavitt (Cotter) graduating from
California State University Long Beach

Trevor Crowley graduating from the
University of Utah

Alycia Crowley (Leavitt) graduating from the
University of Utah
Alex Leavitt graduating from
Westview High School

Sarah Leavitt graduating from
Westview High School

Ben found a real cool "Woody" pinata.
The thing was huge and we had a lot of fun with him.

Brandons birthday was last week so we
celebrated it while everyone was here.
Evan and Landon love Woody.
The girls were not as impressed.

The tables were all pretty.
Serene made some little cupcakes
that looked like graduation hats.
We had ping pong
The cousins are always glad to get together.
The little kids all took a turn trying to beat up Woody.
Sydney hates to see anyone get hurt and she was not happy about trying to hit Woody.
We all told her he was full of candy so she did try but it was only half hearted.
When the little kids failed the big kids took a turn.
You may notice that one of Woody's legs is about to fall off.
Justin finally managed to remove Woody from his head.
Frank is about to whack the new Pinata.
Evan brought the Pinata back to life.
I really felt left out on this one. Chandler is giving Sarah a back rub.
Sarah is giving Tyler a back rub. Mackenzie is giving Brandon a
hand rub.
back: Fred, Brandon, Hayley, Landon, Justin, Ben, Trevor
middle: Serene, Lisa, Sarah, Sharley, Alycia
front: Sydney, Kira, Evan
Landon flying high
Playing Lips after things have settled down.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

This was such a fun weekend :) Happy we could all be there! &after working with students etc. It really is amazing that so many people in one family have gone on past high school to college :) Thanks for being great and supportive parents.

Maren Leavitt said...


Sutherland Family said...

SO awesome!! I love your family!

Danny said...

Found myself quite amused with your bully prank and the touch powder. I recall my chemistry teacher whipping up a batch when I was in high school. I never could get him to release the recipe to me, I just recall the purple residue. I found your blog while multitasking watching Burn Notice, and googling for homemade explosives. (Purely for academic reasons) Ha ha hah. I've always been a closet pyro, enjoying blowing things up in a controlled environment, like on MythBusters. Anyway I'm unsure where to pick up Iodine crystals, but would love to experiment a bit.
You sound like someone fun to know.