Friday, July 08, 2011

Alycia's Here

Wow, this week sure went by fast. Let's see if I can summarize everything that happened in a blog that doesn't go on forever. Last weekend was a very patriotic weekend for our family. Friday we celebrated Canada's independence on July 1 and then Monday we celebrated the independence of the United States. On Sunday they even recognized us Canadians when they sang God Save the Queen in church. No one seemed to know the words however because they were all singing "Our Country is of Thee". The thought was nice though.
In our community we always have fireworks on July 3 because they are so much cheaper. This year we went to the local fireworks on Saturday and then on Monday we went with the Knowltons down to Coronado Island and watched the fireworks there. Those are always so nice because we get to sit on the golf course and watch the fireworks launched from a barge in the bay. I took a short video of the big finally with my phone. 

This week we had the Germans in town all week and we had some good visits. We all went out for dinner on Wednesday night. I had "butter fish" which I've never had before. I think I have a new favorite fish. It was very good. 

Thursday of course was the temple. Not much to say there and then today I was sitting in my chair talking to Pedro when I saw him looking over my shoulder out my window. He told me that there was a very pretty girl out front so of course I had to check her out and there right in my window was Alycia. I knew that Lisa had gone to pick her up but I was still quite surprised. She is in town for a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. Alycia is throwing a shower for Jamie tomorrow and tonight she is at Katy's bachelorette party. 

With missing two days last week, the holiday Monday and Germans in town this week I'm way behind in my work so I've been putting in some pretty late nights. That means I just get home in time to go to bed so all this extra time with my wife I thought I'd have hasn't really materialized yet. Now Alycia's here and Trevor is showing up with some friends next week so not much has changed. That's good. I like to have lots of things happening around me.

Alberta has the third largest oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Unfortunately it looks like Obama won't buy it and Alberta will end up selling it to China instead.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

It was fun to surprise you &get a tour of your work space that I haven't seen since I was 12. I love how you keep getting your dates off though. I am not throwing Jamie's shower until NEXT Saturday :)

Lisa said...

You forgot to mention my birthday that week also!