Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I know it is nearly Wednesday but I'm only now getting enough time to tell you about my Saturday. The morning started out great as Lisa and I went and volunteered with the Stake in the canyon. We had several jobs to choose from so we volunteered to pull non-indigenous weeds. I learned a few new plants such as Fennel, Mustard and my favorite, Curly Dock. Some of those Fennels (smells like licorice) were huge. The early Padres actually planted the fennel mark the El Camino Real trail because they grow so tall and they're quite hardy

After the volunteering Lisa had a baby shower so I decided to head out for a run in the canyon. I hadn't run since the race last week so I was just itching to go. It was a beautiful day and I was loving life but as I headed into the trees at the bridge I guess I was just too excited about getting to my favorite spot that I got a bit careless. My foot didn't quite clear a tree root and the toe of my shoe got caught underneath a tree root. Down I went but with my toe stuck in the root it bent my toe completely back. It hurt really bad. I hobbled on to the bridge and sat there letting the pain calm down a bit and then I realized the predicament I was in. I was three miles into the canyon meaning that I had three miles to get back out. I could scarcely put any weight on my foot at all but Lisa couldn't very well come and carry me out.. At first I thought I'd be a man and bear the pain and run my way out. That didn't even last a quarter mile. I was hobbling pretty bad and the pain just got worse and worse. I finally stopped and walked. If you look at my mile times you can see my first mile was ten minutes, my second mile was eleven minutes my third mile was eleven minutes and then I fell and slowed down a lot. My fourth mile was fifteen minutes (when I tried to run), my fifth mile was nineteen minutes and the last mile was more than twenty minutes. I was nearly crawling at that point. 

So when I got home I took my shoes off and tried to do some errands around the house. I actually got the lawns mowed but my to-do list didn't quite get all checked off. Finally before I went to bed I took my socks off and was a bit surprised to see that my big toe was all black and blue. I knew it would be swollen but I never bruise. I really think I may have broken it but there was no way I was going to spend five hours in emergency to have them tell me to spend $100 on an x-ray and then another $100 on a boot. It looks pretty straight so I will just tape it and try not to hurt it any more. 

Today when I looked at my toes every single toe but my pinky is black and blue. It still really hurts. What bugs me more than anything though is that this Saturday is the PQ5K fun run. That is a community 5K run. We run from the stake center to our church and it is exactly 5K. I've done it every year but I really don't see how I'm going to manage it this year. I'm so upset. 

To make up for it though I've decided that I am going to put in for the St George Marathon. I think I've also got Alycia, Ben, Sarah and Sam talked into doing it with me. Justin has already applied. I'm a little bit scared but if I win the draw (or would that be lose?) I will be committed and then it is the big leagues for me. Oh well, I want to do it once before I die and it isn't going to get any easier. 

Melanoma has increased 800% in women under forty. No more tanning booths Kira.


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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I agree, once before I die. I look at the draw the same way... it is a win or loose? hahaha Rest up with that foot Dad! ELEVATE! You got to get in shape for the Marathon ;) haha

Lisa said...

I think you should have put up at the other gross picture. It was better!

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