Friday, May 11, 2012

Sarah & Sam Came to Visit

I'm so far behind in this blog that I don't even know where to begin. I guess to keep it simple and not to overwhelm you I will just talk about this last week.  

Last week Wednesday Lisa and I were sitting on the couch talking when the door bell rang. We don't often get visitors that late at night so we were curious who would be ringing and to our surprise it was Sarah and Sam. Lisa has been feeling really sorry for herself because everyone we know in Utah has met him but we haven't. I guess Sarah and Sam decided to take care of that problem. They emptied their piggy banks and gathered up all of their change (literally) and drove on down here to visit with us. It was a great weekend. They wanted to surprise us but they wanted to make sure we would be home so Sarah had conspired with Ben and Sharley. Ben and Sharley told us they would be coming down so of course we made no plans. Except for the PQ5K Fun Run. That was planned. In fact I've never missed one yet but my toe was still very sore and while I'd hoped that I'd be able to run it alas, my hopes were in vain. I was still limping so running a race just wasn't going to happen.

I was at the starting line to cheer them on and I was so sad to see them running off into the distance. :(  I then hurried on to the finish line and it wasn't all that long before I saw Ben, Sharley, Sarah  and Sam coming across the finish line. No mother was present. So they all drank a glass of water and then Ben, Sarah and Sam headed back down the course to find Mom. It was only a few minutes when they came back with their mother. 
Saturday morning was a bit rough for some of us because we were up late the night before. We all went to see the Avengers. Patrick and his girlfriend met up with us at the theater. It was a great movie. 

Saturday we went to the beach but the water was a bit cold so Sharley and I sat and watched Ben, Sam and Sarah play in the waves. After the beach we all went out and celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style at Rodrigo's. I do love Mexican food. 

Of course the best activity of all was when we resurrected the potato cannon. When Ben was a kid he really wanted a potato cannon and that sounded like a lot of fun to me so we built one. The ignitor has long since corroded away so I bought a new one and voila. We fired a half dozen potato's into the canyon. About the time we decided to call it quits our neighbor from down the street knocks on the door. He was quite worried and asked if we had been lighting of fire crackers. I could see how that could concern someone since our canyon could go up in flames rather quickly so I assured him it wasn't fire crackers (his kids thought we were shooting guns) and I explained my potato cannon to him. 

He looked like an all around fun guy so I asked him if he wanted to shoot it. You should have seen his face light up. I figured that the best way to keep him from getting me in trouble would be to involve him. He is now going to make one for himself. 

After a very tiring few days we wrapped it up with a nice roast beast dinner after church and then we bade Ben and Sharley farewell. Monday morning I said goodbye to Sam and Sharley and off to work I went. They were supposed to be leaving right behind me but I've heard they never got out of here until noon on Monday. 

So that was my week. How exciting eh? I do have some rather scary news to share with you. I put my name in for the St George Marathon. It is a lottery so there is no guarantee. I figured I've got a good head start so why not go for it. I want to run one before I die and I'm not getting any younger. When I decided to enter Alycia, Ben, Sarah and Sam decided to enter with me so we've submitted our names as a team. Justin and some friends have entered also as did my friend Phil so it would sure be a blast if we could all get in. It is a rather strange situation for me though. I will be happy if I get picked but I think I will be happy if I don't get picked. Weird. Now I've just got to get my toe better so I can run again. Today was the first day I could walk without a limp. I'm hoping to go for a short run next week. 

80% of the cost of a fish is the cost of the fuel for the fishing boat.

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