Saturday, February 23, 2013


Lisa thought I should share with you my implant card. I guess anyone who has anything implanted in their body gets one of these cards so that they can show others exactly what it is. I think the biggest concern is if someone ever wants to do an MRI on you but for some people it may important at metal detectors and such. In any case if you read the card carefully it tells you that I have a "piston" made out of Fluoroplastic (which would be a form of Teflon). Plastic would not be a problem in an MRI but a metal implant (which they used to be) would be really bad. Pretty cool don't you think?

Today I ran for the first time since last October. I ran a few times after the marathon but even though I had no problems during the marathon my back really started hurting a few days after. It wasn't until Christmas that it started feeling better and then the doctor wouldn't let me run after the surgery but yesterday he gave me a clean bill of health and today I started training for the Ragnar in April. It felt great and I'm so excited.

Instead of a trivia today I thought I'd share this cool video.


Lynn said...

Hmmmmm.......I always wondered how people with implants were able to get through metal detectors. I've never even seen or heard about these kinds of cards. Will have to ask my mom or my niece if they got one after their back surgeries.

sarah said...

That' video is hilarious!!!