Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow Party

Today was a very unusual day in San Diego. We went to a snow party. The Cheungs had five tons of snow blown onto their front lawn. They had a few bales of straw to form a hill and we had a lot of fun sliding down the hill on sleds and throwing snow balls. To make it even more fun it was in the 80°'s today. And of course the best part was the food. There were lumpia's, pizza, stir fry, hamburgers and some fried bread that they called by some funny name. 

I like to brag that we can go surfing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon but today we could have gone surfing and tobogganing fifteen minutes later. It was a fun time.

Bread is our number one source of salt.


Anonymous said...

It makes more sense than driving to Idaho :-) Carol

Peter and Mandy said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Lisa said...

It was fun!