Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Disney Cruise - Jamaica part 1

When we woke up Thursday morning we were already tied up at Falmouth Jamaica. This time we had booked a ship excursion so met in the theater and waited for our bus assignment. We boarded the bus and headed to to Dolphin Cove. I don't remember if it was actually called that but it could have been. Our tour guide was very good and took good care of us. He warned us about how we could get into trouble and he went out of his way to make sure we had a good experience. We drove nearly an hour to get to where we were going and while we were there to swim with dolphins there was a whole lot more to do.
We parked the buses and then headed down this little trail into the jungle. Our first stop was to get our pictures taken with some parrots. The birds were very docile and seemed quite happy to just perch on my fist. I think I would have been happy with just that but there was much more to come. 
We then entered a caged area with a lot of very docile rabbits. I think this might have been Landons favorite area.
But I thought it was pretty cool too. 

Next was an aviary. where mom got a new hood ornament.

I think this might have been Evans favorite area.

They also had iguana's as well as snakes and mongooses. The snake wasn't any better than Alex's snake and the mongoose looked like a weasel. 

But everybody's favorite was the dolphins.
Justin went with the little kids and stood on a platform in the water so they could see the dolphins up close. 
When I say up close, I mean really close. 
Landon even gave the guy a big kiss.
And Evan took his turn making out with the dolphin
They got to pet him as he went by
And they got wet
You can see Mom, Kira and I in the background on the deck.
And then Justin stayed with the little kids while Mom, Kira and I played. I can't believe how gracious Justin was to let us do that. I know he would have loved to be in the water.

And we danced with him
But the best part was when we got to ride the dolphin.
They had the dolphin pop up in the water right in front of you.
And then you grab onto his pectoral fins...
and ride him across the bay. It was so much fun.
I don't even remember what we were doing here. Perhaps we were waving goodbye.
And then we got a goodbye kiss from him.
Right on the lips. A rather wet kiss if I do say so myself.
They give you clear instructions to hold onto your life jacket because it is a very natural instinct to reach out and hug the dolphin. People have been known to accidentally stick their fingers in the dolphins eyes and ears when they do that. So no hugging. 

The dolphins were definitely the highlight of the day but believe it or not, the day was only half over. To prevent this post from becoming longer than it already is I will finish the rest of the story in the next post.

Dolphins are the second most intelligent animal on earth (second only to humans) and have an intelligence roughly equal to an eight year old child. 


Lynn said...

So awesome Fred! I am loving all these post and seeing your trip experiences through all of your family's eyes. So cool! Adding it to my ever growing bucket list. lol

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my goodness I've wanted to go on a Disney cruise for awhile, but Peter kept telling me it would only be worth it if the kids were older that way they could appreciate it. I think the boys were having a great time! What a fun trip!