Friday, February 13, 2015

Disney Cruise - Cozumel

When we woke up Tuesday morning we were in the process of tying up at the pier. Before this trip I knew nothing of Cozumel but I learned it is an island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. There were a few different options of what we could do but we decided to spend the day at the beach because that is what the kids would probably enjoy the best (as well as Kira who is our sun worshiper).

We had breakfast on the upper deck outside. We had a beautiful view of San Miguel in the distance.
As I was eating breakfast I noticed the flag on the back of the ship. That is when I realized that the boat is registered in the Bahama's. I think the flag of the Bahamas is beautiful. 
We went to a resort that had a beautiful beach with something fun for everyone. 
The sand was very unusual. It was essentially ground up sea shells. It was very course, almost like fine gravel. It made it difficult to build a sand castle.
I have beautiful grandchildren
 I don't remember this being a clothing optional beach 
 Cameron isn't quite sure what is going on
One the highlights for me was an inflatable playground floating several hundred yards off the coast. They made you wear life jackets before you could go out there but once there it was a blast. Mom was scared of falling off (and rightfully so) but I climbed all over the things. We then watched the kids while Kira and Justin went out. They take full advantage of the set up.
The kids are getting tired

They weren't going to let Evan go down the water slides but hey, this is Mexico, rules are flexible. With a little sweet talking in Spanish Justin convinced the manager to let them go on one ride. Evan loved it. 
Fully exhausted we dragged ourselves back to our boat. That is one huge Mickey Mouse on the front of the boat.
If you look really closely you will see me way in the back there.
I am surprised that Piper isn't crying in this picture. It seemed that every time I held her she would start screaming. I was starting to get a complex so Kira took every opportunity to give me Piper to prove that she didn't hate me. Do you notice I'm wearing sandals in this picture? After I took my shoes off after the marathon I don't think I wore them again until Thursday. It was wonderful. 

Back on the boat we grabbed a snack. I am eating a delicious Gyro sandwich on deck.

And then we left Mexico behind us
Dinner was in the Carioca's restaurant. It was cool but my least favorite. I'm glad we only ate here once. 

The ship can desalinate 500,000 gallons of fresh water from seawater every day.

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