Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bar U Ranch

Kira let us chose from a couple of options what we wanted to do on Wednesday and the majority decided to tour the Bar U Ranch. The Bar U is actually a national park dedicated to remembering how the west contributed to the growth of Canada. It is a pretty cool idea. Supposedly, one of the original owners of this ranch owned so much land that he could travel from Calgary to the US border and never step off his property.
On our way to the ranch we stopped for lunch at Marv's Classic Soda Shop. This place is right out of the sixties but what is most interesting is that place isn't restored but it is frozen in time. It just never changed. I really wanted to eat some Poutine's while in Canada and this is where I did that. It was far more than I could eat.

While we were waiting for our food I thought I would be funny and feed Piper some vinegar. She liked it so much that she kept pouring it into her hand and eating it. I finally had to take the vinegar bottle away from her.

The Bar U was fascinating. It is an actual working ranch and they have kept all of the buildings how they were originally. Even the electrical wiring is original with the wires wrapped around ceramic insulators.

I'm quite sure this high chair is much like the one I sat in as a child.

They told Marv that it was my birthday so he grabbed his guitar and sang to me.

The milk shakes were delicious. Actually, all the food was delicious.

And then it was on to the ranch.
Evan wanted to know what the fuel line sight glass was. I'm not exactly sure so I faked it. Is it so you can be sure there is fuel in the line or is it a sediment trap?
Grandmas loves her grandbabies and they love her.
We're ready to go. Actually while we were sitting on this Sam picked up the tongue and we actually did start to go. I chickened out though and was reluctant to leave the shed.

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