Sunday, May 14, 2017

Grad Party


Alex works at Wells Fargo. He got the job mainly because they needed a Spanish speaker and he started out as a teller but Alex’s boss, Pablo Grenada quickly saw that Alex is perfect for this job. He speaks excellent Spanish, he is friendly, loves working with people, he’s compassionate, and he uses good judgement in all that he does. He has been promoted up the ranks quickly and is thinking that he may just make a career out of the banking business. I don’t know the business, but apparently Alex is a banker, whatever that is. I know he makes loans.
Pablo decided to throw Alex a grad party while we were up there and it was a great party. Unfortunately Sarah and Ben had left so it was just Lisa and I and Alycia’s family. The Sanchez’s also came and a bunch of Alex’s friends were there.
The food was a taco bar and you can never go wrong with a taco bar. It was delicious. Lisa also brought “U” shaped donuts for desert. They were a hit.

Alex has two very good friends, Nick and Whitney, who he hangs out with a lot. They were at the party as well. Two of his co-workers were also there, Sierra and another girl who I can’t remember her name. And then, of course, Pablo’s family was there. Pablo’s kids love Alex and I think after the party they love Trevor. He played with them all night. The last picture is from left to right, Alex, Whitney, Sierra and Nick.
In case you’re wondering, the dog that looks like a rat is Sierra’s and her name is Bunny.
Alex has good friends and a good boss. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a picture of Alex and Pablo.  

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