Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Aunt Nola

As luck would have it, we happened to be in Salt Lake City the same weekend as Aunt Nola’s birthday party. It was great to see people I haven’t seen since I was a teenager. It was virtually impossible to get all of my cousins in one picture so I went around taking pictures of us individually. All of Aunt Nola’s kids were there plus I was able to see Lynn, one of Uncle Jay's kids. I met a bunch of relatives on the Cahoon side but perhaps the coolest person I met was Aunt Nola’s sister and her husband who drove down from Calgary for the party. It was a very full house.
I think it is kind of cool when people say I look just like Uncle Merlin. I have had many people tell me that but Saturday evening at Aunt Nola’s party I had at least three more people tell me. More than one person has told me that I look more like Uncle Merlin than Clark does. Just to see how close the resemblance is I thought I would post a side by side picture of us. You know, I guess we do look a lot alike. I always thought I took after the Leavitt side of the family but the picture is pretty convincing that I may be more Lybbert than Leavitt.

This is me with Lynne Lybbert Nielsen, Lynn is Uncle Jay’s daughter. She is a runner and has completed dozens of marathons. She’s kind of my idol.

Left to right is Lari Lybbert Dirkmaat, Merla Lybbert Berndt (Both Aunt Nola’s daughters) Lynne Lybbert Nielsen and myself. Lari is the oldest and Merla is the third child.
Me with Clark Lybbert and Louis Lybbert Nygaard. Louis is Aunt Nola’s fourth and Clark is their sixth. Uncle Merlin and Aunt Nola’s fifth child, Perry, passed away when he was a child. Perry was just younger than me. 
Me with Ruth Lybbert Renland. Ruth is Aunt Nola's second child. 

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