Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alex is off to College

Today I'd like to review my whirlwind week that I had last week. I seem to be having a lot of those lately. At work we have a major deadline for a milestone looming over our heads. This milestone is key to closing a major deal that we have. That is why my trip to Germany was canceled in July and it is also why my boss didn't want me to take Alex to college. He figured Lisa should be able to handle that by herself. I could tell he wanted me to skip Alycia's wedding too but he didn't dare ask that. I told him that I had to take Alex but I would try and miss as few days as possible. That is why the trip was so rushed. We left Wednesday after work and drove to St George. We also dragged along a trailer full of Alycia's wedding gifts and some furniture. I'm not sure why but to rent a truck would have cost $1,000 plus a whole lot of gas and we would be driving two vehicles. The trailer was also $400 if we did a one way but $130 if we brought it back. We took the trailer and we brought it back. I think it is so expensive because it is college time plus a lot of people are leaving California with the bad economy and all.

We got left late so we ended up pulling into St George at 4:00AM. Lisa let me sleep until 9:00 and then we were off again. Our first task was to get Alex registered into his dorms. They are actually quite nice. He did luck out and got the largest room and because we were there first he got the best side of the room. His room mate turned out to be a nice kid. His name is Morgan Whipple from Bountiful. The apartment next door shares the same bathroom with them. Alex calls those guys his "bathroom buddies". One of them is called Spencer and the other is Bryce. Spencer is a cool guy but Bryce is a druggie. He actually has a box of cigars sitting on his desk. I don't think you're allowed to smoke on campus so it'll be interesting to see what he does with them.

Friday night was a special night for me. I mentioned earlier that I asked Ben if he would organize a family fantasy football league for me. Well the draft was Friday night. It took a long time to get a day and time that worked for everyone but we finally made it. Lisa was less than thrilled. She was not happy sitting on Alex's bed for two hours while we drafted our players. It was pretty cool how we did it with Justin and Kira in Calgary, Ben and Sharley in Anaheim, Nate and Patrick in San Diego and Alex and I in Salt Lake. It is also funny how nervous I was but I think I have a good team. I really know nothing about any of the players so I can only go by the statistics. My first game is against Ben so we'll see how I do. My starters are:

Quarterback: Aaron Rogers (Greenbay)
Running Backs: Steven Jackson (Seattle)
Clinton Portis (Washington)
Kevin Smith (Detroit)
Wide Receivers: Andre Johnson (Houston)
Roddy White (Atlanta)
Tight End: Owen Daniels (Housten)
Kicker: David Akkers (Phillidelphia)
Defense: New York Jets

How do you think I'll do? Everyone else is making all kinds of trades and I don't know why. It makes me wonder if I should be as well. I did notice that one of my back up running backs is on a three game suspension. I thought about trading him but he looks like a very good player and I don't really need him for the first few games so I think I'll hang on to him. My back up Quarter back also has a sore Achilles tendon but it looks like he may play. I think I'll wait and see. Since I know nothing about football I'll appreciate any advice you can give me.

The state of Utah eats more ice cream per person than any other state.


Lynn said...

Looks like Alex will have a great time there in College. Great looking room!

The price difference for renting vehicles........yikes! Glad you were able to go and be there with him Fred.

As for the economy?? Yes....it stinks. Dean just lost his job (15 years with the Calgary Herald) on Monday. We are frantically applying everywhere for something.

Peter and Mandy said...

Good luck with the football...I know nothing about it...big smelly guys run and try to knock each other down while kicking or holding a ball to the other side. Yeah I really spend my Monday nights watching football. :) I think I'd put my bets on Ben knowing who to pick though.

Dad said...

I think you were had on the football !!!!

Alycia Grayce Leavitt said...

Well let me tell you... his dorm did not look like that when me and Trevor went to see him! haha ITS ALREADY a MESS! haha love it.