Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today is my birthday!! As of 3:00 AM this morning I turned 51 years old. That seems very bizarre to me. How can I be that old? It seems like for the last several years something has happened that has conflicted with my birthday. With Alycia's wedding the day before my birthday I fully expected that would be the case this year as well. It did turn out to be a very crazy day. My first trip to the airport was taking Kira and Evan to the airport and the second trip was taking Grandma Shaw and Tearsa. Greg, Gay and Jackie and kids also left today. Before they left however we made a trip to the beach. The waves weren't very good but we still had a fun time.

Alycia and Trevor came by the house while we were gone so it was good to see them when we got home. I was told that they wouldn't be opening their presents but when we got back they had opened them all. It looks like they got some really nice stuff. Alycia had a nice surprise for me. She was really concerned that her wedding was overshadowing my birthday (I think a wedding outranks a birthday) so she bought me a present. She got me a book I've been wanting to read for a long time. "Guns, Germs and Steel". Grandpa and Nana also got me a birthday present that was a real surprise. They got me the 2009 Star Trek Ship Christmas tree ornament for my collection. This year the ship was a Klingon Battle Cruiser. It was a surprise because they normally get me my star ships for Christmas. Ben and Sharley also bought me a card. This makes it much better because now I can put it on the tree before Christmas.

Greg and his group showered and then headed down the highway. It was really good to see them and I'm so glad I was able to spend this time with them. I also got to know Damon. I think he was a baby last time I saw him. I think Grandpa and Nana were planning on taking Lisa and I out for my birthday dinner tonight but with Alycia and Trevor there and all of the other people around I guess it was decided to forgo dinner and order pizza. A nice quiet dinner would have been nice but I really did enjoy visiting with everyone. About the time everyone started to leave Brandon figured we needed to have a boys movie night so Brandon, Ben, Alex and I went to see GI-Joe. We said good bye to Alycia and Trevor and to Grandpa and Nana (who were leaving early the next morning) and off we went to the movies. It was a nice change from the chick flicks I am so often force fed.

So that was my birthday. I knew it would be crazy with things winding down from the wedding and everyone leaving and I didn't expect much but it was a wonderful day never the less.


Lisa L said...

Brandon didn't decide to do a movie around the time everyone was leaving. He had planned on taking you to the movie for your birthday earlier on in the day. It was his gift to you :) You also forgot to mention how Sarah (& I think Alex) decorated with streamers and a birthday sign before you woke up :) It's still up although one streamer has fallen down. It was a crazy day but a good day. Not a traditional birthday celebration but one with a lot of family members throughout the day and some fun surprises for you.

Fred ... said...

You're right! They did have the house decorated for me with streamers and a big "Happy Birthday" sign on the wall. Thanks

Lynn said...

HAppy Birthday Fred! So sorry my wishes are so late.
Hope you have another AWESOME year!