Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Bye Alex

Saturday was the big goodbye. Alex stayed at the dorms and we stayed with the Sanchez family. In the morning we celebrated Laurel's birthday. Coincidentally we celebrated her birthday with her last year too. I guess we were taking kids to college this time last year as well. We picked up Alex and took him for some last minute things such as shoes, jeans and a "cool long sleeved shirt". I was quite surprised that he chose a flannel, plaid shirt with snaps. I like the shirt but it seems like something I would have worn in high school. I never figured any of my kids would ever wear anything like what I wore. We took Alex back to his apartment and kissed him goodbye. Lisa and Sarah were both bawling for the next half hour. It was late so we spent the night with Sanchez's and left early Sunday morning. Sunday morning is also when Alycia and Trevors cruise ship docked in LA from their honeymoon. We figured since we were heading south on the highway and they were heading north we would have to pass each other somewhere. Why not stop and take fifteen minutes for a shake or something? As it happened we stopped at the In-N-Out in Las Vegas about five minutes before they did. Of course with the smell of those burgers I couldn't just have a drink. I enjoyed a wonderful hamburger and we had a great visit with my daughter and new son-in-law. I like the sound of that. So that was the enjoyable part of the trip. From Las Vegas to the California border is normally a 25 minute trip. I knew that Sunday evening is the worst time to travel because all of the LA gamblers are heading home after a weekend of giving their money away. This I didn't expect. We hit bad traffic about five miles from the California border. The group of casino's right there on the border have many names but the one we use is Prim. With the stop and go traffic we decided to get gas at Prim because pulling the trailer was sucking the gas down and I had a huge pass to go over. The next gas was a long way away. I exited the freeway and instantly I knew I was in trouble but there was no turning back. It was an hour and a half before I got back on the freeway. All I had to travel was about 300 yards. It was so frustrating that all we could do was sit back and enjoy each other or we would have gone insane. It was fun watching people in other cars though because some of them did go insane. It was simply a huge traffic jam with people trying to get into the gas station and out again. We got home at midnight but we should have been home at nine at the latest.


Lisa L said...

It was a nightmare and you kept me from going insane - thank you!! Love you!!

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! That truly is a test of whether you are meant to spend eternity together as a family. LOL!

Glad all went well otherwise with the trip!

Peter and Mandy said...

I hated saying goodbye to my sister at college. After the second year I decided I didn't want to go to any more drop offs, I'd rather just go to pick her up, so that's what I did. It was a much happier time then too. So has it set in yet that you only have one left at home?