Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Hay Field

The weeks are just zipping by lately. For a while there I was updating my blog almost daily but now I'm only managing to update once a week but I feel like I did when it was daily. To review the week, it was sunny and beautiful and I worked long and hard every day. I've made good progress on my project but it was hard fought for. There, hows that for a quick "week-in-review"?

Today they were predicting rain and I figured I needed to get my lawn mowed before the rains came. I wasn't going to post a picture because it is quite embarrassing but I never get home before dark and every weekend for the last several weeks has been raining or else we were out of town or something. My lawn was totally over grown with clover. I'm sure I harvested at least a couple of bales of hay. The lawn was still quite wet so it was not easy mowing and the grass kept building up on my wheels but I managed to finish just as the rain started coming down. Here we go with some more rain. At least it is a warm rain unlike the past when it was quite miserable.

Tonight Sarah had some girlfriends over for a girls movie night. It is turning out to be an evening of chick flicks. Oh well, I've got plenty of other things I need to be doing. The funny part is that one of my old scouts just called me and asked if he and some friends could crash the party. I told them to just walk in the house and don't bother knocking. I think the girls about wet their pants. It was quite funny.

Due to obesity, today's young generation may be the first generation of Americans who have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.


Lisa L said...

It was funny and they really scared Sarah. She loved it though! :)

Lynn said...

You are SO mean and wicked! LOL!

P.S. I am SO glad we live where there are seasons. Who wants to mow a lawn 12 months out of the year! YIKES!

You should get a couple of pet rabbits. They LOVE that stuff. Or some baby lambs. That's what my parents do to keep the grass and stuff down in the pastures next to them and around the house. Although......the droppings kind of take the joy out of a freshly cut lawn. ; D

Ben Leavitt said...

it funny that the reason behind the death of that lawn is now the source of the lawns new life... poor bridget...

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

um ... you weren't kidding when you said overgrown! Too funny about Sarah :-)

疲累 said...