Friday, April 02, 2010

Healthy Fred

How quickly things change. Within mere hours after I posted my last blog entry West Virginia beat Kentucky and I quickly fell from glory. Who would have thought that West Virginia would win? I guess both Brandon and Ben did. I'm telling you that Kentucky was favored to win 2 to 1 over West Virginia but according to Ben, West Virginia has been hot and was on a streak with some great momentum. That is something I would know nothing about. I'm still ahead of Brandon though. This means that both Ben and Brandon have Duke and West Virginia in the final four and even though Brandon is trailing Ben by 12 points the final four game is worth 16 points. Ben has Duke winning and Brandon has West Virginia winning so it will come down to the wire to see who wins our bracket. I just know it won't be me.

Ben actually came down to visit us this week. Sharley is in Utah visiting her mother during their spring break but Ben had to work. He had a couple of days off so he took the train and came to visit us. It was good to see him again.

So this week Brandon calls me and he is quite concerned. It feels good to know your kids care about you. Apparently he had two dreams in one night. In one of them he dreamt that I had a heart attack and died, in the other I had a heart attack and nearly died. Now neither of us believe that his dreams were prophetic but I guess Brandon isn't taking any chances. He called up later in the week and reminded me that a goal not written down is only a wish. He has set up a website for me to report in on and he has committed me to an exercise routine and a diet along with a whole slew of targets. Let me share with you some of his targets that I am to commit to.

Blood Pressure 115/75
Body Fat 12%
Resting heart rate 60 bpm
Waist to hip ratio <0.95
Weight 170 lbs

In addition I have to fill out a daily questionnaire detailing many aspects of my life focusing on diet and exercise. I pointed out to him that the last time I saw 170 lbs on the scale was in the 80's. I think the other targets are good targets however and I'm seriously considering accepting his challenge. I'm actually kind of exited to see how this goes.

I'm also excited for conference this weekend. I love conference weekend.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

hahaha Mom told me about Brandon's dreams. So funny. Well Dad, you can do anything, even get down to 170 if you really want to! Be healthy and don't die, k thanks bye :)
Love You.
Wish I could be having conference with you!

Lisa said...

I think 190 is a better target and 180 should be your stretch. 170??? Isn't that about what you were when people kept asking if you were sick?