Saturday, September 04, 2010


Immigration is the one area where nothing makes sense. I don't think the governments policies on immigration has anything to do with Liberalism or Conservatism but probably much more to do with Democrats and Republicans. I think that immigration is the one area where both conservatives and liberals would agree but for very different reasons.

Liberals would probably be in favor of making immigration into the US very simple because they would want to share our wealth with the whole world.

Conservatives would be in favor of a greatly simplified immigration because it would enhance our economy and encourage trade and industry.

What I don't really get is illegal immigration. I am all for a greatly simplified immigration because I think an influx of hard working people is a good thing but it must be controlled and above all, the border must be strictly controlled. If it were up to me I think I would let just about anyone immigrate into the states as long as they had no criminal record, they had no nasty diseases and they had a job to come to. I wouldn't give them access to any social services (such as welfare etc) unless they actually became citizens.

By not enforcing our borders on the other hand we let in the drug cartels, human trafficking and we force the good people who just want a job to cross the deadly desserts and subject themselves to the coyotes (thats what they call the human traffickers). On top of all that, there is no control over some of the nasty diseases that used to be all but eliminated from our society such as hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Perhaps worse than any of that however are the OTM's (other than Mexicans) that are caught every year. There are a growing number of people illegally crossing our borders who are from the middle east. I wonder why they want in States? I tried to figure out for the longest time why neither political party had any interest in leaving our borders unguarded. I finally decided that the democrats want to let in the illegals because they want more votes (most Mexicans vote democrat) and the Republicans want to let in illegals so that big business has cheap labor. I think they both should be shot for treason because sloppy border control is in my mind our biggest threat to national security. Close the border tighter than a drum and streamline immigration to let in all the good people and keep out the drug dealers and terrorists.

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