Wednesday, September 22, 2010

National Defense

I bet you thought I had forgotten about my comparison between liberals and conservatives. Nope, I just took a break. For those who did not immediately click out of my blog let me continue.

When it comes to National Defense there is a huge difference between Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals believe that everyone should be equal. It just isn't fair that the United States has so much more fire power than other countries. They do everything they can to down size our military so that we aren't stronger than anyone else. This way they believe that no one will be mad at us and they will leave us alone.

Conservatives believe that the only way to have peace with bullies is to make sure you are convincingly stronger than the bully and that he knows you aren't afraid of a fight. For us in the US I believe this is not only a true principle but it is also the morally right thing to do. There are at least three other nations that are doing everything in their power to be the mightiest nation on earth. That would be China, Russia and Iran. History has shown that there will always be a super power, it is impossible for everyone to be equal. You tell me, who would you want to be the strongest nation on earth, the United States who has never taken land from another nation by force or Iran who has publicly declared that the Unites States is the great satan and who teaches that it is their duty to kill all infidels who will not convert to Islam?

Since 9/11/01 there have been 16,099 terrorist attacks that have resulted in the loss of human life. This number is certainly much higher since many terrorist attacks don't end up in international news. Terrorist attacks in military conflicts were not counted.


Leland James Media said...

Is this you being Glenn Beck, or can you provide footnotes to your claims?

I personally would be much more convinced by your claims if you showed me one instance where the US has negotiated with ANYBODY for an arms reduction that has not been bilateral...meaning...we will reduce our (fill in the blank) if you agree to reduce your (same blank).

Now, there has also been a reduction in spending on the military because we spent trillions of dollars on a war that put each of your grandchildren $37,000 into debt on the day they were born, and I'm sure future spending will have to be adjusted because of that, but don't blame that on a liberal. Bush convinced the liberals to vote for the war by lying about intelligence that he and Cheney just made up.

Of course, if you're like Glenn Beck you just spread the crap thick and hope somebody (like you and several of your blog readers) will repeat it and get it out there to other sheeple before he has to retract his statement, but his sheeple never retract their rhetoric, even if it was a lie.

That is another difference between a liberal and a conservative that you can blog about, isn't it?

Carole A. Hudson said...
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Carole A. Hudson said...

I, both of my parents, and all three of my brothers have served in the military. Two are still serving. My brother Jeff says that if we do not fight the terrorists at home, they would be here in America.
There are dangerous drawbacks in working with old, out of date equipment. I remember how we sent soldiers to the Middle East with the wrong gear. What an embarrassment that was. We now have high quality computer generated combat clothing designed for the landscape they are working in. Otherwise they are sitting targets.
I heard, in person, a Canadian General who filled us in on the one major benefit of having had the Cold War. He told us that while the US and USSR competed in their military strength there was no real appetite for other areas of the world to break out in war. When the Cold War ended, that was when the conflict around the world increased. The fear of some big superpower to come along and tell them to shut down, well, that just wouldn't happen anymore. He told us there are countless battles going on all the time that the average citizen never hears of. I suspect that now, with twitter and the internet, that's how the numbers are finally being recorded.
He also told us that as far as the UN goes, it does a real good job with humanitarian concerns but when it comes to military decisions it is flawed, weak and does little good. I have seen this to be true time and time again.
Two of my brothers served in Bosnia. One came home saying he did not want to have children. What he had seen so demoralized him, the suffering ... Fortunately for him he has since gotten through that tough time and now has a son. He cherishes his little boy. He has learned a lot from what he experienced.
I would say that some who have not experienced military life or seen close-up what conditions some of our fellow human beings have to put up within the various regimes around the world, well some of these people find it very easy to convince themselves that everyone should be able to live in peace if we just try harder. And that by weakening our military strength this will actually be accomplished.
Well, I believe this to be a load of hogwash. Bullies have existed from the beginning of time. Not everyone wants to play by the rules. It's a fact of life. One needs to be prepared, yes, the famous Scout Motto. But it's true. Not to start wars and conflicts but to be in a better position to manage if not prevent them entirely.
My other brother who served in Bosnia had this to say. He found it entirely ridiculous to be expected to serve as a peace keeper with rifle in hand and not be allowed to use it, not even to defend himself. That's how the UN directed the Canadian Forces!
One night while on tank patrol (my brother was the commander of the group) they noticed this little car heading towards them. They tried to change their course because they did not want to hit it. They were puzzled because the driver then changed his direction so that he was in their path again and he was crushed under the tank.
The whole crew was in shock. They realized this person was in despair and chose this method of suicide. But they were required to go through all kinds of interrogations over the incident. It was a very difficult time for my brother, who is the sweetest kindest fellow on the planet.
So I say, thank you for your post! I agree with you one hundred percent. And I know you don't lie about the information you are sharing. Neither do I. And I am no one's sheeple!
** On a side note, Glen found that book you were showing him and let's see, he's now on page ... hmmm, I don't see his bookmark. I guess he finished it last night :>)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

those are some pretty cool images!

Fred ... said...

Leland James Media, where'd that come from? What do you want me to provide foot notes on? I wasn't stating fact I was stating my opinion. Why would you ever want to negotiate arms reduction when your goal is to be the most powerful nation on earth? Of course a war costs money but at least you get something for it, peace for example. Speaking of quoting bogus facts where did you get the idea that the war cost "trillions of dollars"? So far it has been about half a trillion dollars. Obama's stimulus package on the other hand is in the trillions and what did we get for that? Your health care costs are going up, thats what.