Monday, September 20, 2010

Carol and Glen

I feel bad that my blog is turning into a weekly update rather than daily as I had hoped. Oh well, life is just flying by so fast who has time to sit down and write for ten minutes?

Last week was basically just your normal exciting week of work. Intense fun and excitement for me but probably a bit boring for you. Friday however was quite exciting. Some time ago I blogged about a girl that I reconnected with her on facebook. Well her and her husband were in town and came by to see us. It was a thrill to see Carol after thirty years and to meet her husband.
We spent the evening catching up and learning all about each other kids. It was a lot of fun.

Also very exciting on Friday was that Ben chose to come down and visit for the weekend. Sharley went to her future sister-in-laws bridal shower so Ben was alone for the weekend so he decided to come down. It was good to see him. Of course if Ben is in town that means that we will almost certainly have a good game of Settlers with Pat. Sure enough Pat and Derrick came over Saturday night and had a couple of games.

Saturday early afternoon Sarah had another cross-country meet. This was the Mt Carmel invitational and is pretty much the largest meet in the county. It wasn't her best time but she still did well. In the series of pictures that I have you can see she got bogged down behind a bunch of other slower runners. She jumped out of the pack and ran around them on an outside turn. If she had jumped out early and got ahead of the pack she probably would have done better but she's always been a bit slow at the start and passes up tons of people at the finish.

Saturday was also Isaac Lew's home coming. He was in Toronto on his mission. They had an open house at McMullens and it was fun talking to him about Canadian food and candy. He loves pirogies. Who doesn't love pirogies?

Sunday morning we got up early to attend second ward so we could hear Isaac's home coming talk. He did a good job. We then went to our ward choir practice and then after church we went to another choir practice for a fireside for all the temple workers. We're going to that one so we can get a good seat. We always seem to end up way back in the cultural hall. Sunday night we also drove Ben to the train station so he could head home. It was a great weekend, busy but fun. This week is already looking like it's going to be another great week.

An average American eats less than 50 lbs of corn in a year that actually looks like corn, corn flour or corn meal but we eat over a ton of corn a year that doesn't resemble corn in any way.


Lisa said...

It was great to see Carol and meet Glen. I really enjoyed our visit.

Pete said...

I worked with Glen quite a bit when I was ward clerk in my ward in Edmonton. And I know their daughter.

Fred ... said...

We talked about you Peter, Carol told us you were quite the eligible bachelor.

Peter and Mandy said...

I thought pirogies were polish. We like them too.

Carole A. Hudson said...

It was so good to see you both! Alas, we are back in cold Canada. I am busy with helping to plan our Second Dry Grad for our little town, also starting up an official Historical Society, and I serve as Akela (3rd time in Cubs). Funny, I know, I have five daughters and no sons :>)

Oh, and it's perogies. They are Polish but we have a large population of Polish people in Alberta. Being big time multicultural we get to learn about a lot of people from around the world.

Kira said...