Friday, October 29, 2010

Blondes and Brunettes

When Sarah was a young child she was very blonde. As she grew older her hair gradually got darker and darker until now she is pretty much a brunette. Incidently, I'm told that when I was a young child I was blonde as well and then as I got older my hair got darker and darker and thinner and thinner until now I'm pretty much bald.

OK, back to Sarah. I've often wondered what she would look like if she'd stayed blonde. Alex and Alycia were also both blonde as kids, Alex got darker (but not as dark as Sarah) but Alycia stayed very blonde. I wondered if Sarah had stayed blonde would look anything like Alycia? Well now I know. She would. This year for Halloween Sarah is Alice in Wonderland. While I think she makes a darn cute blonde I think I like her better as a brunette.

While we're on the topic I've always thought that Kira and Alycia looked very different. I was quite shocked as I was going through pictures of Brandon's wedding when I saw a picture of Kira and Alycia with their heads close together. They look like twins. Yes Kira has very dark hair and Alycia has very light hair but their faces are nearly identical. Alycia has a dimple that Kira doesn't have but other than that they could be twins. We now call this picture Yin and Yang. I guess they've looked alike all along but the stark difference in their hair and complexions has always fooled me.

Well we can debate who looks like who but I think we'll all agree that they're three very gorgeous girls. We're lucky they take after their mother.


Lynn said...

Fred, you and Lisa are very blessed to have SIX gorgeous kids. ; D

Kira said...

I remember when I first saw this picture!!! I never thought we looked alike until this picture was taken.

Lisa said...

I like Sarah as a brunette also. Alex's hair did darken but is lighter than it appears. He just puts so much gel in it it looks darker!

Peter and Mandy said...

I like Sarah as a brunette too.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

It is so weird for me to see Sarah a BLONDE! haha She looks too tan to be blonde, haha. I remember when we all saw this picture and realized that we actually do look alike! I would have never believed it. CRAZY :)