Thursday, February 10, 2011

Germany Day 5

Well today was the big day and it went great. We left Mannheim early and headed south. We went through Stuttgart and stopped in Ulm. We had four different modules we could test but after a bit of fiddling around we reached our targeted value on the third try with the first module. Needless to say we were all quite thrilled. The tech called in the upper management guys and the head dude was so thrilled he went out and came back with a bottle of wine and some wine glasses. He told us that we all needed to toast this moment. It was actually kind of funny.  We then took a taxi back to the train and went home.

The picture is a church in Ulm that I saw as we drove by but of course today was cold dreary and a little bit of rain. Not nearly so bright and cheery as this picture. I didn't see the two old geezers either but there are plenty of old geezers.

So that was my day. It was already late when I got home so after dinner I am ready to go to bed. On my way to the train station this morning I noticed a little frituur. In Belgium they sell French fries from little stands much like a hamburger stand or a hot dog stand. They call them Frituurs. French fries in Belgium are called friets and they’re very good. They’re very different than French fries and they have various sauces that you can put on them. This little place looked a lot like a Frituur and while it wasn’t quite the same as a Belgian Frituur it was pretty good.
So that was my day. I’m sorry it was such a boring day but I’m quite stoked. Tomorrow aught to be a bit more exciting. I’m going into Heidelberg to check out their castle. 


Lynn said...

YAY! Congratulations!!!

I am assuming you only toasted and didn't drink. ; D

Lisa said...

I'm so glad your test went well - hooray!!! Love you!

Mark said...

Well done, Fred

Kira said...

I love Stuttgart.

Kathy Marx said...

9th - 10th - 11th grades at Mannheim American High School... probably the German kids I babysat are now your colleagues! :)