Thursday, February 03, 2011

I miss her already

As if life wasn't complicated enough, it just got a lot more complicated. Lisa flew off to Utah this weekend for a conference for her new business so Sarah and I are alone. That's no big deal because it is only for a few days.  The week after next week however is winter break for Westview so Lisa and Sarah are planning on making the big college tour. That means that Lisa will be home for a week and then her and Sarah are heading back to Utah to check out BYU, UofU, UVU and Utah Sate. That is a lot of U's. That's also no big deal, I've managed to survive a week alone before but sort of at the last minute I now have a trip to Germany. Our customers customer is making a very big test next week and in the past when they've done this test something went very wrong. I suggested that since this test is very important perhaps it would be wise to have one of there to help ensure it is done properly. They agreed and told me the test in next week. This means that Lisa flew out this morning, I fly out Sunday afternoon, Lisa will be getting home Sunday evening, Lisa and Sarah will be leaving Friday, I get home next Sunday and Lisa and Sarah will be getting home the following Saturday. I won't be seeing my dear wife for two and a half weeks. I hate that. 

Super bowl Sunday has more people making more bets wagering more money than any other event in the world.



Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

:) aw dad... soon enough it will be just you an mom time!

Lynn said...

WOw. YOu guys sure lead the busy life.

Dean and I may not see each other either for weeks, but at least we know we are still in the same city together. Hang in there. Don't they say something about it making the heart grow fonder?

P.S. Funny about the Super bowl. I never watch it, but I am amazed at all the YUMMY food everybody on their blogs are preparing for it. I have been collected a HUGE stack of recipes. Yum!!!

Maren Romney Leavitt said...

We'll have you over or come up that week. Not as good as wife, but at least it's some company.