Sunday, February 13, 2011

Germany Day 8

Last night laying in bed I decided to see if I could find anything in English on TV. That was a good thing about China, they had several channels in English and I could almost always find a decent movie but in Germany I was lucky to find one channel in English and it was a news channel. At least I'm up to date on whats going on in Egypt. Last night however I got to watch winter sports in Calgary. That was fun.

I saw the darnedest thing getting onto the shuttle bus that takes us from the hotel to the airport. That is a picture of the Steinberger Hotel where I stayed and a picture of the Airport is to the left. It was a big bus and there were a ton of people getting off of it so those of us waiting to get would naturally stand back and let them get off before we try and get on. Well, that is all of us except for this one little old lady. She shoved her way trying to get onto the bus but there were so many people that they couldn't stop even if they tried because of everyone behind them. It was so funny to keep watching this woman get knocked back only to shover her way in again over and over again. Weird.

I was just sitting around the hotel waiting so I decided to just go over to the airport early. I got there three hours before my flight so I decided to looking for a book in English. Most of the book stores only had one or two books in English but I finally found one with an English section. I bought myself an old Clancy book that I haven't read yet and I hate to say it but that was pretty much my day.

On the flight home I was quite bummed because I couldn't get a window seat because I was still hoping to see Greenland but I did get an isle seat and when the map said we were over Iceland I went and checked out the window by the restrooms and there was nothing but clouds. I checked again over Greenland and still nothing but clouds. Going home it was daylight the entire time because we fly against the rotation of the earth. Since there was nothing but clouds I'm glad I got the isle seat except the guy sitting next to me must have gotten up at least seven times. How frustrating.

We got into Chicago about an hour early but all that meant was that I had an extra hour to sit and wait at the gate. I called Lisa and had a long talk and then I talked to Sarah for a long time and then I read my book. I finally got on the plane and got home but I was just a bit worried about the shuttle home. Lisa told me that Peter & Maren offered to come and pick me up but I didn't want to bother them since it would way out of there way but I'm glad they offered because if you remember I had lost my credit card and I was worried about finding a shuttle who would take my card number without the card. I had to ask four different shuttle drivers before I found one who would. Luckily he was $5 cheaper than the others too so that was good.

It sure was weird walking into an empty house. It is always so nice when you're gone for a while to come home to a family that is glad to see you but today there was no one but the cat. She did seem glad to see me though so that was cool. Kira had called me when I was just getting off the plane so I called her back on Skype and we talked for a while and then I made by self something to eat and now I'm going to go sleep in my own bed. I'm looking forward to it. It is good to be home, even if I am alone.

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Lisa said...

I'm glad Sheba was there to welcome you home!