Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mount Woodson

The plan for Tuesday was to climb Mt. Woodson. It is fairly steep in places but only four miles up and four miles back. There are three trails up the Mountain but by far the prettiest one starts out from Poway Lake. I was hoping we could all go on the hike but as it turned out Ben had to work and kind of at the last minute some friends of Trevor's showed up in town and he and Alycia decided to spend the day with them. That left Justin, Kira, their boys, Sarah, Lisa and myself.

It was a perfect day for hiking. It wasn't too cold so you didn't overheat and as long as you stayed in the sun you didn't get too cold. In case you don't know Landon (Justin and Kira's youngest) he is a ball of energy. If he is awake he is constantly moving and I mean moving fast. I rarely saw him run out of energy the whole time he was here so I was watching to see just how long he would hold out on this hike. It wasn't too long but it was fairly steep in places.

As it turned out, he almost made it to the top. I'm not sure where the stroller was but this must have been a tough way to do a hike. That boy is heavy.
Mom at least made it further than Landon did. She does have an excuse though. She's been sick since August and while she is on the mend, her Fe levels are still quite low and without iron it is a lot harder to get oxygen to your cells. She did well and Justin once again was a good man and stayed with her most of the way up.
Just before you get to the top of the mountain there is this sharp rock ledge that sticks out from a cliff. Of course you have to stand on the end of it.
A lot of people are quite hesitant to stand on the end of the rock and while I couldn't talk Mom in to going I did get everyone else out there.
This is about as close to the rock as Lisa was about to get. 
Ever since he got here (and I think even before he got here) Evan has been asking if he could have a fire. After we got home and recuperated a little bit we lit a fire in our fire-pit in the back yard. As a special surprise for Evan Lisa bought these humongous marshmallows. They are seriously the size of tennis balls. Evan had a ball using them to make a torch. He thinks it is much more fun to burn marshmallows than it is to eat them. I think I might have to agree with him. 

And then, just like any other night, we played games until well into the wee hours of the morning.

Our DNA proves that every living human being descends from one woman.


Lisa said...

Oliver also joined us on the hike. It was a great hike and as frustrated I was with my slower hiking ability I was glad when I realized I did have a reason. It made me feel better :) It was also fun to have Pettit's visit that night.

Kira said...

sooo fun!!! Landon weighs 35 lbs. Good Job Justin!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

That tip looks super scary! hahaha